Today's Interviews

I have not interviewed in quite awhile. In this electronic age, do companies still have you fill out a paper application when you arrive for an interview even if the online application process was very thorough? What do the SDopers say?

I don’t think it’s common these days. I haven’t filled out a paper application during the interview process in many years. I suppose some companies still do, though.

Do you have a concern with this?

I haven’t seen it.

Sometimes they do want you to bring a couple paper copies of your resume, however.

And you might have to fill out a couple quick EEO questions.

Not so much. In my recent experience they usually have a printout from the online application / evaluation. The face-to-face interview is to find out if you are an asshole.

We used to require a paper application before we could make an offer (I think it had some role in the background check), but since we moved to online apps a decade ago that’s not been the case.

It can depend on several factors, like the company itself and the level of position applied for. For management level positions it’s a good idea to bring extra copies of your resume, but generally nothing additional application-wise. For entry level I wouldn’t be shocked if a paper app (or a more in depth online app to be filled out on site) were to be required.

I agree, it depends a lot on the type of position. In my position (software engineer), most jobs I’ve applied for over the last 40 years didn’t involve any type of “application form”, either virtual or paper. They want your resume and maybe a cover letter. For other types of jobs, application forms are undoubtedly more common.