Today's the day a planetary alignment was supposed to cause a 9.8 earthquake in California

There was supposed to be a “planetary alignment” that would cause a 9.8 earthquake in California today.

Nothing even close so far. Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom, dammit!

“The Ides of March have come.”

“Aye, Ceasar, but not yet gone.”

Well, the movie San Andreas is due open nationwide tomorrow…:cool:

I’m pretty confident there won’t be a 9.8 earthquake in California in the next 12 hours. The largest earthquake in California’s recorded history was a 7.9. A 9.8 would be almost 100 times as big as that. As far as we know, there has never been an earthquake that big anywhere in the world (the biggest was a 9.5 in Chile in 1960). The fault in Chile that caused that quake isn’t the same kind of fault as the ones in California, plus it’s bigger.

California tumbles into the sea
That’ll be the day I go
Back to Annandale
Steely Dan

It’s really windy here today.

When I lived in LA we all wanted the Big One to hurry up. That way when the rest of the US slid into the Atlantic we’d have twice as much waterfront property. And no more NY or TX. Win-win all around. :smiley:

Remember the Jupiter Effect? We were supposed to have the big one just over 33 years ago. I suppose someone is recycling the material. Recycling is good. Especially bullshit.

Florida might well sink into the ocean, unlike California…

If these guys had predicted an 8.0 quake in California, or a 9.5 in Chile, I might not scoff quite as much. Well, other than the whole planetary alignment thing, and citing Nostradamus. The Master spoke on Nostradamus thirty years ago, saying that he did for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks.

Even if planetary alignments did cause earthquakes (which they don’t), how would anyone predict from that where the earthquake was going to be, or its magnitude?

The Master has spoken on the Jupiter Effect,too.

Idiots wheel out this same old bullshit every time there is some kind of “alignment”, as if that’s supposed to actually mean something. One year it was supposed to pull the Earth out of it’s orbit. :smack:

I got into a discussion on Facebook with a friend of a friend about this. I considered betting her $10,000 that there would not be an earthquake bigger than 9.0 in California today, but I decided I’d feel too bad taking money from someone that dumb. Having a conscience sucks sometimes.

And yet, somehow I still wish you would have waited until tomorrow to post this. :slight_smile:

Day’s not over yet…;).

Next time, consider betting $1. Monetary loss would be minimal and it would make an impression.

If you think I’ve got that kind of power, when are you coming over to clean my house and watch Lil’ Neville for me? :wink:

Iben Browning predicted a Major quake in SE Missouri in December 1990. At the time I lived at Ground Zero.

That never happened.

Right after the quake, when I’m in need of somewhere to live and an income (I assume the child-sitting pays?).

A couple of weeks before the date I spoke to students at Southeast Missouri State. I opened up by saying “I wanted to come down here one last time before everything is destroyed.”

Biggest laugh I’ve ever gotten.

MAYBE I will let you off this time. But next time, you’d best be more proactive in your appeasement. Nice state you’ve got there, would be a shame if a 9.8 earthquake hit it…