Tofu = asbestos?

I mentioned casually to someone that I’d like to increase my tofu intake and I got a lecture on why this is a bad idea. He claimed that tofu has a multitude of undesireable side effects ranging from increased estrogen levels to “messing up your brain chemistry” (I didn’t take notes). He informed me that tofu is “the asbestos of the '90’s”. Of course, the facts are concealed from the public by the powerful “tofu industry”. I don’t doubt that there is a powerful tofu industry but do they really have anything to hide? This is all news to me. Do any of you kind folks know of any credible resources on the topic?

There was a well-reported study in Hawaii done by the Hawaii Center for Health Research that reported that among Japanese-American men, tofu eaters had a slightly higher level of mental impairment as they aged.

It was reported in the June 28, 2000 issue of JAMA.

“Prevention” Sept. 1998 had an article where tofu was linked with increased menstrual flow. Not a problem for me however.
The same article mentions that tofu can reduce the risk of certain cancers, lower your LDL cholesterol, and slow bone loss.

Doesn’t seem “suppressed” to me, but I don’t know what conclusions you can draw from it.

I did find the phrase “Powerful Tofu Industry” to be quite humorous.

Can you please post a link to the story in JAMA? I just searched their site and was unable to find the story. Thanks.

Perhaps I’d be more receptive to the idea of tofu if:

  1. Its name didn’t sound like something unpleasant that you scrape off your toes,
  2. It weren’t made from soybeans, which I was taught were useful only for cattle feed, and
  3. It weren’t for the palindromic Bela Fleck CD title “UFO TOFU” (cue the sci-fi music.)

Considering how much tofu is eaten daily, it’s hard to imagine there’s a real probem.
As for “suppression” conspiracies, there is nobody who wouldn’t know that kind of info is valuable to the press and would readily tell all.

Sorry, the JAMA cite was from a fee-based database at work, so there’s no link to post.