Toilet paper Infanta

My grandmother lives/d (she’s in an old-folks home now) in an entirely Italian-American community. Many of the women there had not just crocheted toilet paper covers, but something one step beyond.

Take a fashion doll. Not even a Barbie, but a generic doll, often one that’s supposed to look like an elementary-school aged girl. Crochet a gown for her that has a voluminous skirt, like a hoop skirt. Tuck her little legs into the center of the toilet paper, and her skirt envelops the roll.

Flash-forward ten years or so. Art 101. Color slide of an oil painting of a Spanish Infanta (princess), wearing a hoop skirt so wide it’s not even flared, just straight down from the widest point. Ding! Toilet paper Infanta!

Anyone else know someone who did this? I bet it’s not unique to that community!

Not Italian-American, but I received such a doll from a reltaive on the Latin American side of the family. We found it to be a scary thing. Didn’t like the Barbie thing watching us pee and it’s been stored in a closet ever since.

What IS the origin of TP Barbie?

My wife’s grandmother crocheted such a thing onto a plastic doll.
It’s all yellow yarn and scary plastic doll and it sits on top of the toilet. It forever guards a spare roll of TP and has many-a-time saved my life. I highly recomend to everyone to get such a TP guardian/fairy. Just when I think I’m in a situation, I turn around and look under her dress and there it is- Salvation.

No, no, no! It’s not a TP guardian. It’s the scary plastic lady who watches you poop! And I am NOT looking under some weird, plastic lady’s dress for salvation! You can’t make me!

She has never even said a word about the smell. She is always there for you. She is only there to help. She can be your best friend in difficult times and she will even close her eyes if you lay her on her back. She is a true friend and you can trust her.
Do not be afraid of her. Sure, maybe she has contacts in hell, but why question a good thing?

am i the only person who read this ‘toilet paper infatada?’

no, you aren’t. i did as well.

perhaps if you turned the scary tp doll so she faces the wall or away from you, charmain? perhaps a veil or burqa for her?

essvee: No, not at all. I was like “Wh-huh-ha?”

But yeah, those toilet paper dolls are fuh-reaky.

Yeeha! I knew I wasn’t the only one!

What I wonder is, does anyone name their TPI? “Oh, yeah, that’s Lucia!” :eek:

Oh yeah, Mid-America at its crochet-happy finest. I have an actual relative (not by blood, thank goodness) who makes these things. They usually end up in her spare bedroom in a pile of other “junque”, as nobody in the family will have them in the house.

You can also crochet a little doll dress for those pump hand-soap containers.

Not to mention a doll to cover an air freshener.

And don’t miss the Leprechaun’s Hat TP cover.

I love the Internet. :smiley:

We need the drop-jaw smiley.

wouldn’t a crochet dress on a hand soap dispenser get all soapy and gookey, and icky; ickier than having the dress in the first place?

I too have had one of these residing in my bathroom and my nightmares, thanks to an aunt with way too much time on her hands. But I had the matching lid cover.

Has anybody been lucky enough, to receive the “Hound of Hell” TP cover? The cover part fits snuggly around the TP, and is topped with a satanic poodle head, with googly eyes that go off in different directions.

YAAAAAGH! I’d forgotten about that beast! With the googly eyes glued on and the pink felt tongue, and the black pom-poms to make it look like a fancy-coiffed poodle!

Oh, I feel faint. Childhood nightmares resurfacing…

<bart simpson>

Can’t poop! Dog’ll bite me! Can’t poop! Dog’ll bite me!

</bart simpson>

Sorry about the hijack, but these crochet toilet paper cozies remind me of those doll cakes. You know, the head and torso of a plastic doll, but her skirts are actually cake, decorated with fancy icing rosettes. UGH. I always wondered, do people wash the doll first before shoving her into the cake?

Only $4.99, they’re going quick…

Oh yeah, and he’s the dog:

I love eBay.