Toilet seats.

Anybody happen to know the purpose of the slot in the front of public toilet seats?

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I couldn’t find this in the archives, but it is answered in The Straight Dope Tell All, page 6. Essentially, it’s to keep men from urinating on them. The question then becomes, why aren’t home seats the same? I guess people are just more careful at home.

Probably so men can leave the seat down with less of a chance of it getting wet.

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So’s when ya’ goes to pray to Ralph ya’ doesn’t bang your head raising the lid?

(No personal knowledge however, I’m a sink puker myself.)

Found Cecil’s answer online.

Thanks. If Cecil say’s it, it must be so.
Although I have trouble believing that many men are that accurate (to hit the slot) with their dribbling.
Myself, I prefer to use the urinal

A restaurant I visited in Holland had an interesting solution. There was a cleaning device mounted on the back of the toilet (the part you’d lean against if you sat down). And after the toilet was flushed, the toilet seat would actually revolve, sending it through this device to be wiped with some sort of disinfectant. It was bizarre, but it’s one solution!

Mangeorge: It’s not just men that pee through the slot, also 2-5 year old boys that can’t reach the urinal. And they don’t aim too good.

My brother-in-law works for OSHA. There was actually a federal safety regulation that mandated the U-shaped seats in restaurants & workplaces.
It was common knowledge that the sole purpose for that standard was so that the OSHA inspectors wouldn’t be hurt while getting a drink…

That standard went by the wayside when the kinder, gentler OSHA came to be.

Sue from El Paso

Now how did you find that Alphagene? I went to the archives and searched for “toilet”. What did I do wrong? Luckily, I have all the books, so I don’t have to rely on flaky search engines.

Well, since you asked, Greg: Before I even started cavorting about the Board here, I had a marathon session of reading all of Cecil’s columns online. I remembered reading the one about the toilet, but like you said a search of “toilet” gave nothing.

Since the search only includes “Recent” “Classics” and “Mailbag”, I figured that I must have read it under the columns from the books. You confirmed that it was from a book, but The Straight Dope Tells All was not listed online so I browsed “Miscellaneous”. Ta-da.

Fascinating story, I know.

[[Since the search only includes “Recent” “Classics” and “Mailbag”]]

Your search of Mailbag should have also yielded my article on diseases one could possibly catch from one.

True. I remember reading that one too. In fact, I showed it to my boss the herpes virologist.

So I mis-spoke. Or mis-typed. I meant to say a “toilet” search didn’t yield the article in question, rather than “a search of “toilet” gave nothing.”

Alphagene, you can search at for ‘who makes toilet seats?’ & youll get a lot of answers to all sorts of toilet seat questions. The one from the Straight Dope which answers this question is also there:
Why are residential toilet seats always round, and public toilet seats always “U” shaped?
Who started this practice? --R.G., Jacksonville, Florida
At any rate, if men are such splashers, why don’t they put them on our regular, non-public toilets?