Toilets at the Equator

Which way would the water flow in a toilet that was put exactly at the equator? The toilet’s placement would be measured so one half is exactly in the northern hemisphere and the other half is in the southern hemisphere. I’ve already searched and only found sites regarding the Coriolis effect but nothing specifically regarding a situation like this.

Toilets (that I’ve seen, at least) aim their ‘nozzles’ (is this a good word?) at an angle so that the water comes out swirling to begin with. This would negate whatever small Coriolis effect there might be - north or south of the equator. Besides, are there any flushing toilets along the equator in the first place? :wink:


You can ask the little 'stute fish who hides inder the doorsills of the equator.

The water on the southern half of the bowl would rotate clockwise, and on the northern half, counterclockwise. So the part of the water that was directly over the equator would move east. This eastward flow of water would put a force on the toilet to move it east, and can therefore be used as a means of propulsion if you mount the toilet on a boat.

Marky said “Besides, are there any flushing toilets along the equator in the first place?”

Bingo. In my admittedly limited experience, the closer I get to the equator the more it seems like I encounter a trash can next to the seatless john that’s meant to handle all the solid waste. As to which way the paper spins entering that can, well, are you contributing any significant breeze to the equation?

As per any non-toiletry Coreolis effect, I think I’ve read somewhere that the magnitude of it’s effects have been greatly exaggerated.

You cantry here too.