Tom Brady has a shot at a few SB records

He needs 142 yards and 5 TDs for those records. If he can increase these stats he’ll set records:

Completion %: 64.1 to 70.0
QB rating: 94.1 to 127.8
Avg yard gained: 6.42 to 11.1

Do any math inclined Dopers know how I can figure out what kinda day he needs for the rate records?

Not 100% sure I understand the post, but…

If you’re saying that he currently has a 64.1 career Super Bowl completion percent, and you want to know how good a day he needs t make that a 70% rate for his career, then I’d say it’s basically impossible, considering the weight of four previous Superbowls’ stats. Same with QB rating and average yards gained.

No, I haven’t checked the numbers.

ETA : Having trouble finding his SB-only stats. Oh, well.

He’ll certainly pass for 142 yards, and 5 TDs is possible.


Aren’t those records single-game performances rather than aggregate? In that case, he wouldn’t have to increase his 4-game average; he would just have to do better than the record for this game.

All the records are career. And I forgot to mention, I found them in the SI Sports Almanac. And yes, my question is, “What kind of line would he need to get the career leads?” I figured out that 40-44 would yield the Comp % record. My math mojo isn’t up top the QB rating.

Pro Football Reference (in the “splits” tab) lists him as 100/156 attempts/completions; he would need to go 31-for-31 (or 34-for-35 or 37-for-39…) to bump that up to 70%.

He’d have to do something ludicrous like throw for 1,000 yards on 35 attempts to get the yards/attempt record. He theoretically could do it in 9 attempts, if he averaged a 91-yard touchdown with each attempt.

Thanks Tom! I knew the yds/comp record was outta reach.

From wiki, Brady’s stats in 4 Super Bowls are 101 of 156, 1001 yards, 7 TDs, and 1 int, with a rating of 95.05 according to this site:

I don’t know what the record is for career rating (with how many games/passes for minimums?), but you can add figures you think are possible to that site to see what the overall rating would be. If he goes 40/44 for, say 400 yards, and 5 TDs and 0 ints, he would have a career rating of 107.94, according to the site noted above.

with a min 40 att Montana’s rating was 127.8

Not a chance for any of them, except career yardage and TDs.

If I’ve got things entered correctly, I found the following, simulating the results of a few games.

If Brady replicates his Denver performance (26/34, 363 yds, 6 TD/1 int) he’ll improve to a career completion rate of 66.8%, a career QB rating of 106.1, and yds/att of 7.18.

If he replicates his best all-around statistical day ever (21/54, 354, 6/0), he improves to 67.4%, 111.1, and 7.49.

If he takes his best days ever in Frankenstein fashion (23/26, 517, 6/0), he improves to 68.1%, 115.1, and 8.34.

On a whim, I also checked out a perfectly average SB by his standards (25/39, 250 yds, 2/0). Of course, the completion and yds/att hardly change, but QBR rises to 95.9.

Phil Simms was 22 of 25 against the Broncos, for an 88% completion rate. It’s hard to imagine anyone doing better than that.

Figured the rates were unlikely, but didn’t want tp just post the yards and TD records without something else to say.

I would say he’s a lock to break the passing yards record, but I don’t think he’s going to throw for five touchdowns.

BTW I forgot to carry the “1” there; 1,000 on 35 wouldn’t cut it, he’d have to get it in 25 attempts.

it’s probably also hard to find records to break because he already owns the passes completed and passes attempted (career) at 100 out of 155 respectively, as well as passes completed in a game - 32 - that he shares with brees.