Tom Brady open to leaving New England

Why not try something else? Can’t say I blame him. I think the quality of the OL would be a big issue for him to look at. And not far behind is the WR/TE group.

This has zero credibility in my mind. It’s just positioning.

Frankly, he should just retire. He’s won 6 SBs. No other quarterback has even gotten to five. He’s had a super-long career. He’s no longer his old self. All it would take is one bad play to snap his spine or destroy his brain. The Patriots would face a tough uphill climb to return to the Super Bowl and win it this year or next year. Just hang up the cleats.

Honestly, I think he wants to extract a big last paycheck from the Pats. He’s taken a pay cut most of his career and now he wants to be made whole, and if that means the Pats mortgage their future as a result that’s fine by him. A Pats franchise in shambles after he retires just cements his legacy further.

Tom wants to avoid another awkward wedding anniversary with Giselle.

Tom: “Honey I got you this diamond bracelet!”

Giselle: “So pretty! I got you a diamond-studded speedboat.”

I tease but I don’t blame him. He gave New England breaks for years and lately he’s had nothing good around him to show for it. He should absolutely test the market to see what he’s really worth.

I’m sure every franchise in the XFL would chip in if Brady wanted to jump leagues.

Those of us in New England have been listening to this for the past 6 months. Frankly, no one knows what Tom Brady is going to do besides Tom Brady and it’s not even clear that he knows what he’s going to do.

The vast majority of these articles are just writers trying to fill space. They’re being fed information from opposing camps each trying to advance their own agenda.

(Emphasis mine).

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Prior to this year, New England made three consecutive Super Bowls, winning two.

I think the deal-maker (or deal-breaker) is going to be what weapons he has around him. The receiving corps this past year was dreadful, and while Antonio Brown was such an odious person that even Belichick couldn’t possibly have kept him, it taunted Brady with what could have been.

The money question is just not measurable for him the way it would be for any other player. He and Gisele are worth around $600 million. More than Queen Elizabeth II. $25 vs. $30 million is literally a rounding error to them. If he leaves, it won’t be because of a few million bucks. He could set that much cash on fire and never miss it a bit.

This last year the Patriots sucked and that wasn’t Tom’s fault. My point stands.

The 2019 Pats were 12-4, won their division, tied for the 5th best record in the NFL, and lost a home playoff game. Not ideal by any measure, and not up to usual Patriot’s standards, but they didn’t suck.

The Pats were great until Nov 3. From that point on, they sucked. They went 4-4, couldn’t beat the Dolphins at home to preserve their first round bye, then couldn’t even get close enough to attempt a goddamn field goal for an entire half at home in their playoff loss.

Unfortunately the team with a long history of signing washed-up, past-their-prime quarterbacks (not to mention one of Brady’s former backups) just won a Super Bowl and doesn’t need a QB right now.

Also, their biggest strength was their defense, which sure didn’t help Brady out much.