Tom Delay - Just Hunker Dowand & Ride It Out

Fuck Tom Delay with a piece of corrugated roofing. He was interviewed on MSNBC and dispensed pearls of widom like the media makes too much of hurricaines which people can just hunker down in and ride out, and the worst part of a storm is the looting afterwards. Nice way to encourage people to stay around and protect their property.

Of course he’s right. After Katrina didn’t you see all of those people hunkered down in the Superdome protecting their assets? The people chopping through their roofs, hoping for a helicopter were only doing it to get the government to buy them a new roof on the taxpayers dime.

Tom Delay - the poster boy of the ethically challenged.

Not that I don’t believe this, but … um … cite.

I hate being one of the cite-arazzi, but I’m just dying to read what this bag-o-douce has to say about this.

Well, if they evacuate, then there won’t be anyone home to call the exterminator, right? And Tommy won’t make any (more) money…
Seems logical to me. Too bad no one has thought to use his product/service on him.

Why did they interview Tom DeLay on hurricanes in the first place?

Probably Texas and the Texan political machine that has made our life so wonderful the last 7+ years.

It would be interesting to hear what he actually said. If he did indeed state that persons in the areas subject to mandatory evacuation should just stay home, then he is indeed one dumb mofo, and risking people’s lives to boot. It’s really not possible to exaggerate the likely effects of the predicted storm surge on Galveston and the bay area. Double his asshatedness if he really thinks looting is the worst part of such an event.

If he was saying that persons outside the mandatory evac zones don’t necessarily need to evacuate, well, that’s actually correct, and that’s what local officials have been saying all along.

Aside from the fact that he once represented Fort Bend County, why the hell was he even being interviewed anyway?

ETA: damn you, WF Tomba!

I wish I had a cite, but the transcripts for today’s shows don’t get posted til monday. I posted in part becuase I hoped someone else saw the interview. It was right before Olberman. They interviewed Delay because he is from Texas.

Well, if you want to discuss a screaming windbag causing massive damage in Texas…

Yesterday in Houston they were telling people not to try and evacuate because it was too late to beat the storm. Instead they were supposed to hunker down and ride it out and be prepared to lose power.

I know that partisanship requires a certain contingent to find a way to to attack anything done by somebody you despise, but it seems to me that if Delay is repeating the advice of the national weather service in order to save lives and hardship that that would be a good thing.

Should he have said “I’t’s worse than we thought. Run away! Panic! Create a colossal traffic jam, get caught in your car in potential floods and drown!”

If you are pitting this, than I assume you would like him to say or do something else. What would that be?

What is the MSNBC you speak of?

What government official was saying, “Evacuate or face certain death”? Serious question; I can’t remember.

He wasn’t giving last minute advice, he was blasting the media for making a big deal about hurricaines. The mention of looting being “the worst part” of a storm was particularly egregious. I think he may have been drunk. Did no one else hear the interview? Maybe I was drunk.

When I saw the thread title, I thought it was prison advice for Delay.

I was trying to Google and find information on this story.

Couldn’t find it, but I did find this list of stupid DeLay quotes.

It would make a great YouTube clip if a hurricane caused a fire hydrant to hit Tom DeLay upside his fat head.

Jesus Christ, is Tom Delay still not in prison? What’s the hold-up?

They have to give him a fair trial before they hang 'im.

I thought all that liberal “innocent until proven guilty” crap was taken care of by the Patriot Act.