Tom Delay's Mugshot!

The Smoking Gun
At long last. I’m not sure why the stereotypical board with all the numbers and such is not present. I thought that was the point? Would make the photo a lot more entertaining.

I would also have liked for him to look more like a thug, but I understand that would not be politically wise.

Smile for the birdie!

Man, that shot looks like the professional portfolio-type pic that usually comes along with congressional newsletters and the like…where’s the sign he’s supposed to be holding with the name of the jail and stuff?

I suspect there were some strings pulled to make it look as little like a mugshot as possible.

How nice. I guess in Texas you have the choice to go to either Glamour Mugs or Mug Shotz in the mall.

DeLay isn’t the type to twist arms, is he?

Are people generally supposed to be grinning in their mug shots? "Yes!! I got busted!’

Maybe he was drunk.

I haven’t seen that picture in a while. (Gordon C.) Thanks for the :).

The image is a graphic designer’s delight!!!

I can’t wait to see the various renditions soon to grace web pages and emails, thanks to Photoshop, PhotoImapact, PSP, GIMP, and the imaginations of the designers.

And just in time for Halloween!!!

Be sure to get his profile Ed.

Where’s the thingy you usually see in mugshots, that placard or other such signage they hold up in front of the accused? You can see one here in front of a less-comfortable looking Hugh Grant. Are those no longer used these days?

What, are you trying to scare somebody?!?! :mad:

Tom DeLay or his animatronic decoy?

YOU make the call!

If he planned that I’d say it was a mistake. I can see not wanting to lool like a crimminal but putting on your Slick Weaselly Politician Smile under such circumstances just points up the fact that your a Slick Weaselly Politian. Appropraitely, but probably not what he was going for.

The first thing I thought of was this:

When do we get to see the photos of him in an orange jumpsuit? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you weren’t allowed to smile in mug shots?