Tom Sawyer, Avenger?

Has somebody read this?

This looks like a pretty dubious idea to me. The story apparently takes place back in St. Petersburg during the time that Huck Finn was believed to have been murdered by his father. They introduce a new member of the Finn family, bring Becky Thatcher in line with modern sensibilites, and no doubt bring Tom Sawyer’s attitudes up to date, while expecting us to ignore the fact that Tom’s treatment of Jim at the end of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not exactly enlightened.

The reviews on Amazon’s site look like shills to me. I can’t believe nobody had misgivings about this book.

What’s the story here?

It’s published by iUniverse. That means vanity press. It’s probably pure slush, and probably not good enough to be published elsewhere.

You’re undoubtedly right about the reviews being shills. One is from “A reader from San Fransisco, CA.” He can’t even spell the name of his home town correctly?

This is a typical iUniverse ploy – desperate authors trying to trick people into reading their book by faking reviews. It’s been done many times before, and few people fall for it (especially since the writers usually oversell their enthusiasm).

See for yourself. Here’s an excerpt:

Nya-ha! Spuriouser and spuriouser.

Thanks for the information.