Tom Skerrit is that old???

According to the IMDB, he is 68!,+Tom

I would have guessed he was at least 10 years younger. Is this a typo on IMDB’s part?,+Tom

Damn, I left off the second “t”…who’s bad with the typos now.

[sup]I think I will get out of here now…[/sup]

It does seem odd. He was in MASH* nearly 22 years ago and he doesn’t appear to be in his forties in that movie. But hey, look at his co-stars in MASH* - Sutherland, Duvall, Gould - they’re no spring chickens themselves and they all appeared to be about the same age in that movie. So maybe he is 68. In A River Runs Through It Tom looks old, but I think that’s make-up.

Forget that. Who would’ve thought that Suzy Amis is two months shy of forty?

I was way off.

Candlemas you might want to check your source on when MASH* came out (or check your math). I think you want to add about ten years. I saw the film in either 1968 or 1969.

With that additional ten years Skerrit’s aging is more in keeping with the way he looked then.


I just learned that one of my favorites is 46. I had no idea. She looked so young in Diabolique. And scrumptious … that’s always the word I think of when I think of her. I also realized while watching her in a 1979 film that she looks (looked, I guess, that was 22 years ago and I haven’t seen her lately) remarkably like another one of my favorites.

MASH came out in 1970 so you must have been at a test screening.