Tom Tancredo: Dumbest Melonfarmer on the Face of the Earth

Bar none. No contest, hands down, does for fucking stupid what Gibraltar does for rocks.

Tom Tancredo (R, Shitforbrains, CO)

If attacked by radical extremist Catholics, would he suggest we vaporize the Vatican and liquify Lourdes? If the Dali Lama give us too much attitude, its look out, Lhasa!

And if the Pantheists are to blame, we blow up everything! And I do mean Everything!

I expect to hear from Molly Ivins on this droll bit of news. I know what she will say: this time, the dumbest motherfucker isn’t a Texan!

The Islamic terrorist propaganda division just packed up and went home. Why bother?

Wow, they’re the same?

Can you supply the quote? I’d like to read what else the dumb melonfarmer said.

I take no responsibility. You want cite, you get cite.

Thanks, elucidator, I had thought about starting a thread about this myself. Shall I mention that on the site I saw this on, he got quite a number (about 65%) in favour of his “idea”? And at least one nomination for President?

And that this was a site nominally dedicated to some guy who thought we should return hate with kindness, give our cloke when asked for our coat…I forget where he suggests we give our ballisitic missels.

Gotta love this line:

“Spokesman: Tancredo was speaking hypothetically.”

Gee, nice to know the missels aren’t in the air…yet…

“Attack us again and we’ll blow up your God.” Why isn’t this man president? All our foreign policy needs is some talent from a good protection racket: “Say, nice Deity you got there. Be a real shame if something were to … happen to it, now wouldn’t it?”

But let’s be fair – the man was presented with a scenario involving multiple nuclear attacks on us. There really isn’t an intelligent answer to the question, and not recognizing that was Tancredo’s real blunder.

I thought the intelligent answer would be to go after the culprits, like any other terrorists.

Well, it sounds more like “Attack us and we’ll kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand”, but unfortunately there seems to be a large number of people in this country who favor that so-called “solution”. The idiots are well and truly on the march these days.

True enough, but Tancredo wouldn’t recognize intelligence if it walked up and bit him. Thankfully, I am not in his district.

But we already have the guy responsible for 9/11 in jail. He’s been charged and is going on trial soon. See?
That leaves us no option but to nuke the Dome of the Rock the next time his minions get overly frisky.

The Dome of the Rock being in Jerusalem, this may have unintended consequences:


Sure, but like someone using aeroplanes as weapons of mass destruction, that’s the sort of thing that no one could forsee. We’ll just have to do it, and pray everything works out for the best.

It’s extremely difficult for the dim-witted to make this simple distinction. They cannot seperate the actions of some members of a group from the group as a whole. To them, this is a war against Islam, plain and simple. It’s simpler that way.

What they don’t understand is that patriotism and xenophobia exists on both sides. It has never occured to them that The Enemy loves their homeland and religious institutions as much as we love ours. If we destroyed the Dome, the backlash would make the patriotic fervor after 9/11 look like a Fourth Of July celebration at a car dealership.

It’s always amused me how the simple-minded tend to see The Enemy as mindless robots. The Enemy is nothing but sheer evil to them, incapable of loving their children (willing to strap bombs to them at a moment’s notice), or of independant thought. They cannot be motivated by complicated political issues-- they just Hate Freedom. They do not chose tagrets for their economic or tatical significance-- they just want to kill lots of people. In other words, they have no other motivation than to make soccer moms suffer for the fun of it.

Well, that does have an appeal…making soccer moms suffer, that is.

(have three kids in soccer, meself)
And I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post.

I can only hope that the next terrorist attack comes from the nihilists.


Is nothing sacred?


Gee, elucidator, what do you have against melon farmers?

Like, I dunno, thesecondcomingofourgloriousLordandSaviorJesusChrist! : foams at mouth :

Yeah! Everyone knows that electrians are ruining the country. Stupid electrians.

I want to say something about that douche being the Rep. from Littleton, CO, but it just makes me sad. :frowning: