Tom Waits fans - Listen to his new album now, free

To the minions of Tom Waits,

Anti- has put the two new albums by Tom Waits on streaming audio, only good for the next week. So, be like me, eat up some company bandwidth, and enjoy!

Also, he’ll be on David Letterman on Wednesday, May 8th.

As you were.

Tom Waits streaming audio for Alice and Blood Money

You just made my week! Thanks for the tip!!

Shweet, I have both Alice and Blood Money or pre-order with Amazon. I am stewing in my bourbon waiting for them to get here. Stupid release dates! why can’t they be here already??

I’ve got them both pre-ordered too. I like the samples I’ve heard so far. Didn’t know about the Letterman thing though–thanks!

I just streamed Alice and it’s soooo good! I can’t wait for these to be released!

Okay, here’s a shameless bump to thank all that took the time to reply. Also, as of today, Blood Money is available, so let’s all take a listen to that one too! Honestly, I’m not doing it for me…it’s for Tom…

Just bumping this to remind folks to catch Waits on Letterman tonight.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
guess what I’m getting for my birthday tomorrow?!?!?!?

Thanks for the bump, mouthbreather. Saves me the moral quandry of doing it for the second time…

I was very impressed with both albums; I would go so far as to say surprised. They are both solid works, independent of each other, which is pretty amazing. Tom seems to be enjoying the room the switch to Epitaph has given him, I can only hope he gets around to touring again.

Woohoo!! I just got home from watching Toronto beat Ottawa in the Eastern Conference semi-finals and now I get to watch Tom Waits on Letterman??? This is wicked cool! I just placed an order for Alice and Blood Money and I look forward to basking in drunken hobo poetry sometime next week.

Sheesh. Talk about wishful thinking. Let me try again:

Ahem…I just got back from watching Toronto beat Ottawa in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

Man, I hope I didn’t jinx it.

Just finished watching his performance. It reminded me a lot of his 1980’s work such as Frank’s Wild Years or Rain Dogs. I’m even more anxious to get my CDs now.

Thanks for the heads up. I gave both a listen yesterday and Alice again today. It’s awesome!

(I also e-mailed the link to everyone I figured to be a TW fan.)

Thanks…love it!