Tommy Franks for president?

I heard former general Tommy Franks give an interview on radio the other day. He sounded, well, like a politican. It seemed he even had a catch phrase “I am Tommy Franks and I don’t lie” or something like that.

Has there been any talk of the general running for president in 2008?

There’s been a bit of recent talk:

But that slogan has already taken some flack:

How about Secretary of Defense Tommy Franks?

Since this one is gonna wind up in GD, I might as well move it there.

samclem GQ moderator

If Kerry fucks up badly and Franks gets some serious Republican attention, sure, I’ll pay attention and see what he’s about.

Got any notion about his social and domestic politics? Be nice to see a social libertarian, mildly hawkish but cautious, balanced-budget conservative 'Pubbie making a run for it. (I have no love for the Democratic Party, it’s just that bad Republican candidates keep driving me into their arms these last few decades).

Tommy Franks is certainly no Stormin’ Norman. Let’s face it: Franks botched Iraq. If this war continues for several more years, as appears entirely possible, I fail to see how history cannot judge Franks as the commander that brought the US charging into a military quagmire with so few troops.

Also, he can’t be Secretary of Defense. Law prohibits the President from appointing a secretary of defense if that person has served in the military in the last 10 years.

The nominating process of both major parties greatly reduce the probablity of a military man getting the number one spot, compared to earlier times.

It takes 1-2 years of political activity before the nomination; if a career military person wanted to do that, they would have likely chosen politics over the military in the first place.

Interesting… Never knew that. Are there other legal restrictions on cabinet posts? And somehow isn’t that Congress interferring with the Executive branch? (Full disclosure: my last civics class was 1970). and sorry for the hijack

It’s not a widely known fact, so I would be suprised if anyone learned that in civics class.

Numerous other positions require that the President appoint someone “from civilian life,” meaning not a military officer.

Another restiction is that in the case of the CIA, the President may appoint only one military officer, whether active or retired, to the three top posts in that agency.

And Congress has fairly extensive power over establishing who may serve in Executive branch departments. That power, however, is sharply curtailed the closer one gets to the Oval Office, however.

I’d rather see Gen Petraeus run.