Tommy's Joynt- Suggestion for Bay area SDMB meeting.

Ok. I was thinking about this the other day. Even, though I was probably going to be unable to attend the meeting I wanted to suggest a good meeting place.
Its called Tommy’s Joynt. Its on VanNess and Geary.
Its this wacky old place, that looks like it has been there for 50 years, with little no change in the help, or in the clientele.
I have mentioned before that Ukelele Ike, and Flora strike me as people that hopped straight out of a Ben Katchor comic. (With apologies to Flora’s thighs) Tommy’s Joynt would be at home in one, as well.


  • The First time I went there, two guys were talking about what they were doing when world war 2 ended.
    *It looked like they were still wearing the same suits as the day WW2 ended.
    *Booze and food are readily availble at this place. Not too expensive either. Although, I have yet to taste the food.
    *Bartender enjoys when you order straight Bourbon.
    *You could wait around three days and never see a yuppie or a fern.
    *Long tables would facilitate a good get together. And, for the stragglers, you could sidle up to the bar after everyone leaves.
    *They spell Joynt, Joynt.
    *Neon Signs.
    *Lots of wacky signs on the walls, that are funny and old. Not, unfunny and artifically aged.

*Its Very close to the Tenderloin. Which, is a sketchy area, from what I understand. (I guess for some folks thats a plus)
*The food menu isn’t very large.

I like the place lots, I can’t think of any other minuses. Has any other dopers visited this fine establishment?

I think I’ve gone past it, driving down Van Ness. It’s that place that you NOTICE, isn’t it? And a couple blocks north of that nifty little bookshop, A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go back to debating Breakfast Specials and hand-whittling toothpicks.


I’ve been there years ago. They used to advertise “Take a Beer Trip Around the World”.
Had over a hundred different types of beer.
I think I made it to Europe…

Tommy’s is fantastic! I used to go there when I got off of work bartending downtown. Talk about funky. It really is something out of the past. I was there a year ago, and I did see several yuppie-types. I think it has gotten a lot more popular in the last few years, and the bandwagon folks are frequenting it more and more. I don’t know if we can have the Bay Area meeting there. I’m not sure if they let in minors (seems like most of the Bay Area’s are under 21), and it’s about a mile from BART and the Muni subway system. Don’t know if anyone wants to get off on Market and then take a bus up Van Ness, especially late at night. The Tenderloin/Western Addition is not exactly what I’d call safe. Great idea, though. Maybe we can make it work.

I tried working out once, but the ice kept falling out of my cocktail.

Wonderful site - I could walk there! But, as has been mentioned, it’s pretty far from BART, and the surrounding area can be a little freaky for the uninitiated. There’s also the issue of the minor members being welcome… I am of age, but I know not all of us are. It’s too bad Hamburger Mary’s has declined so… altho’ that’s also off the beaten path.

I am thinking…

When I went to Tommy’s Joynt there was noone outside doing any carding? I thought minors could go and eat food, drink soda, while sitting at the tables? No?

Yeah, Hamburger Mary’s has some pretty yummy food, as well.

I agree with you guys, it is out of the way as far as Bart goes. I have always gone there walking with a friend who used to live in the city. If its not a good site to start the get together, it would be a good place to go at the end of the night, when most everyone else has gone home.

Geez, now I am wishing I could make this little shindig. I, currently, live too far away, though.


Capp’s Corner, on Green and Powell?

Scuse me for being a nosy parker. Always loved Capp’s, though.


Well I USED to live there, and I am frankly surprised that any self-respecting SF resident would set foot in that tourist trap. You make me cringe.
Why don’t you guys go to Vesuvio instead, or Spec’s 12 Adler?

Tommy’s Joynt is a tourist trap?
But, Vesuvio’s (“Where, Beat Poets wrote their heart out” as the guide books say.) isn’t?

Oh well.

Is Vesuvio’s near the subway?


Oh my god.
I just had a wonderful idea!!! (I think all my ideas are wonderful, though)

The Tonga Room.

Basement of the Fairmont. I have been there twice, never crowded. Pricey drinks. Not crazy expensive, since they are rather larger. But, a neat place.


Vesuvio’s is a ways from BART as well and I agree it’s also a bit of a tourist hellhole.

I kind of like Harrington’s, on Front between Calif and Sacto (vegetarians note they have a great gardenburger). But I don’t know if they have age restrictions.

I had lunch last week at Harringtons with my sister. A true downtown SF bar. I like the Royal Exchange and The Gold Coast, too. However, I don’t think they let minors in, especially at night (I’ll call and find out, though). The Tonga Room is not cheap. Not by a long shot. Although it does have some of the best decor around since Trader Vics closed down.

Hmm… Capps is wonderful, but too far from BART. Vesuvio and Specs both card. The Tonga room is cheezy at its best… but it is not cheap!!!

Harrington’s would probably let minors in if you didn’t try to sit at the bar… but it would be wise to check. It can get a little cruisy at night, as can the Royal Exchange.

Chevy’s in the Embarcadero? Other places in there?

Keep in mind that we don’t have to stay where we meet. Once we gather, we can get a cab to wherever seems like a good idea… with a group, cabs are cheap.

Cool. I’m at school, and Tommy’s is two blocks away. Never been there, and I’m <21.
Mel’s is across the street, though. Van Ness/Geary is OK during the day. Just don’t stray more than one block East, six West, or five South. Ba-a-ad.

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Dunno about Chevy’s if you’re talking about the chain. Those places get LOUD! I want to be able to hear everyone, and that can be difficult at a long table in a noisy place. I’ve always wanted to go to Mel’s, but never have been in there. Most of my family swears by the place though.

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The couple of times I’ve been to Harringtons it’s been jam packed and awfully loud, but that was right after everyone got off work in the financial district. The bartender sure is cute, though! :wink: I wouldn’t think it was anything other than a bar, however, that happens to serve some foods. They don’t card you to get in (as with most bars) but I don’t think anyone under 21 is supposed to be there. I also suggested Chevy’s and Uno’s in the other thread, but they can also be loud at times now that you mention it. Hmmmm. And if Tommy’s Joynt has gotten trendier in the last couple years I think I’d have to attribute that to the AMC megaplex that went up down the street. Curses!