tomndebb you're a paraniod freak (I mean that in the nicest possible way)

Not really worth a pit thread but since this is the place for this kinda thing here goes

in this warning I did deserve the warning for the KKK republican comparison. I gracefully take my lumps for that. That was too far.
However I’m left wondering what the hell you’re on about with the space in “snow flake” thing. I mean god damn. What kind of world of imagery slights must you live you in.

Please explain me to what subtle dig you find in that. The only thing I can think of is snow is white, and that has something to do with the racism claim from earlier but that makes no sense. Snowflakes are white too. And racism isn’t limited to white people anyway.

Please enlighten me.

Also Re: the title I assume calling someone a freak in GD is a personal attack too, or SDSAB people above the law? That seems a little one sided.

My interpretation is that he thought that you were calling the target of your ire a “flake.” As in an unreliable or weird person - i.e. a mild personal insult, which is verboten.

The word “flake” is commonly used as a mild insult, to describe someone who is airheaded or kooky.

oh wow duh me.

edit: for the record I do not believe bricker is a flake. Willfully obtuse yes, flake no.

If that’s not what you meant by your comment about the “snow flake”, what did you mean?

Every snowflake is said to be unique. Which falls under sarcasm. So it wasn’t really innocent.

If you mean the space well I think a quick search of my posts will show I have troubles with spelling. I use spell check, but if an error passes spell check then I prolly won’t catch it. Snowflake is pronounced as two separate words so I just assumed it was two separate words.

Don’t mind being called “freak”, I am a freak. Don’t like being called “sir”.

“Freak” is fine…“paraniod”, not so much. You’re going to find yourself smack dab in the middle of the pronunciation/spelling thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather A rapid no than A pain rod from Tom.
Paradion even!
A rap, nod I.

Ai pardon your punning, an rapido depart.

Wow, just goes to show that sometimes an inadvertent insult is so much better than what was really intended.

Your intention had some sarcasm but the interpretation others made had innuendo, imagery and a double entendre.

Be proud! Other people thought your insult was much more clever than it actually was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clearly my wit surprises even myself!