Tone policing in moderation - it's bad

Could you link the post? I went searching for it and couldn’t find it.

Sorry. The first sentence in this post.

That’s not puzzlegal.

JohnT wrote that. Look at the avatar in your link.

What does this have to do with @puzzlegal ?

I know it’s not. I wondering if JohnT’s post is considered dismissive by the mod.

Still don’t get it. I think you need to do some rephrasing.

I also agree with puzzlegals note in the thread from the OP. She explained what was wrong with the posts and pointed the thread back on topic.

Ah OK, it’s confusing because it’s the exact opposite of what’s in the OP. The OP is asking if the mod’s tone is dismissive. You’re asking if a poster’s tone is dismissive from that mod’s perspective.

This might be less confusing in another thread.

Did you report it?

You’re right, I’m dropping it.

Weird, I’ve always read it as things as well. I was confused by the abbreviation question until I read the forum title about 3 more times.

I call it “MopSims”.