Tongue Piercing and Fellatio...(adult content)

When I had to remove my tongue piercing for work, the boif of the time was devasted. He even asked me to reconsider my choice of career. Instead, I reconsidered my choice of boif, as I’ve always considered myself to be something of an expert in the field of blowjobbery, with or without add-on extras.

I’ve not, uhh, experienced one myself, but fairly spectacular results were usually obtained by flicking it back and forth across the frenulum (underside of the penis, just under the tip). When you’re giving head over a condom, extra stimulation is generally a Good Thing.

Moving swiftly on… although I’d had the piercing almost three years, after a 7-hour shift it had closed up to the degree where there was no forcing the bar back in. Two hours, after much pain (mine) and begging (by the boif) to keep trying, I gave up and now just try to be smug about how I am no longer damaging my teeth; I was a ‘clicker’. It used to rattle along my bottom teeth so nicely.

I miss my tongue stud :frowning: