Tonight is a martini kind of night.

Dry, Tanq-10, dirty martinis over here. Anyone care to (virtually) join me? :slight_smile:

Sorry, we’re sitting over in the hot toddy corner, after 36 hours of snow and numerous snow shovelling episodes for the steps and driveway. But enjoy your elegant martinis!

I think the amount of olive juice I skank them up with prevents them from being elegant, but thanks non-the-less.

There’s a metric ass load of snow here too, and it’s -18 so I’m staying in with my martinis and veggie samosas.

It’s not quite that cold here, but I am still enjoying my Hawaiian pizza and frozen pina colada.

I’m in.

I knew I should have bought the big bottle of vermouth! I used all of the little one in the waterzooi I made on Thursday.

I do have the makings of a nice whiskey sour though…

Recipes, please?

I’m assuming you don’t need a martini recipe; however, assuming you do:

2 oz Tanqueray 10
skiff of Martini Bianco Vermouth

Rinse the glass with Glenfiddich.

In a picture, pour the gin over ice, add the vermouth and stir. Pour into rinsed glass.

Garnish with 5 olives and a teaspoon of olive juice.

Ummmm, delicious!

I may pull a beer from the kegerator, and shoot some pool. Is that close enough?

Aight !!!
Ya twisted my arm Alice, going to make a ceasar brb.

Tanq 10 is certainly good, but I’ll always reach for Beefeater and Noilly Prat. I usually mix about 5:1 gin to vermouth. Three olives, preferably cheese-stuffed, but I only get to eat two if my wife is in the same ZIP code.

The last really big storm we had burried us in for a few days because the plows kept getting stuck. My neighbour Drunk Wally came to the rescue with his tractor. If you want, I’ll send him your way to dig you out. He could get there in about six days, if he doesn’t get lost or expire. Of course once he digs you out, you’ll have to take care of him.

Oh god I want one.

It’s President’s Choice Diet Lemonade Soda for me, 'cause I’m just a kid at heart.

Yep, that works!

So does that!

And this!

Well go on then. Unless you’re a recovering alcoholic, in which case let me assure you that they taste like crap, and the olives are skunky.

Count me in Alice! I hate drinking alone.

My version: Pour 10 parts gin and 1 part dry vermouth in heavy glass bottle; mix; store in freezer overnight. Pour 2-4 ounces in glass of your choice; garnish with 1 or more olives or twist of lemon zest; serve immediately on the deck/porch/veranda overlooking the ocean or the rolling hills of home with your best friend at your side. For me, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Can I fake it with, say, a vodka gibson? I can’t abide gin, other than in an occasional G&T to keep the mosquitoes away.

This made me laugh: I’m going through a marriage breakup and I made the resolution that, no longer how stressful it gets, I won’t drink alone. Soooo, as you guys are all here, maybe just one little one… No bother with mixing, just a Laphroaig Quarter Cask and a drop of spring water.

Drinking some Goose Island Juliet beer here - nice, tart American-made lambic style. Good stuff.