Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Redux

So, Jay returnsthis coming Monday night. First week back ads feature…

Brett Favre :mad:
Sarah Palin :mad:

Two of the most annoying people around. You gonna watch?

What are Coco’s plans?

Three, if you include Jay.

I assume Jay’s ratings will be OK, considering he’ll have(brace for it)…actual shows leading into the 11:00 news!


In the mean time, David Letterman will have Seinfeld!

Rumor has it that Letterman has stated that in the future, if a guest goes on Leno’s show first, then Letterman wont book him.

I don’t know about that. Been watching the Olympics, and seeing the commercials for some of their new shows doesn’t fill me with ratings confidence. “The Marriage Ref” appears to be Seinfeld and other Hollywood types commenting on people’s marriage problems. “Minute to Win It” has people doing stunts like trying to move M&Ms from one bowl to another using only the suction of a straw to try and win money.

I really hope Jay Leno tanks but seeing that he’s booked half decent guests that the majority would want to tune into, i doubt that’ll happen.

I am really happy Jay Leno is returning to the Tonight Show!
Liked him then, and am sure I will like him again this time.
My guess is that his ratings will once again start beating Letterman on a regular basis at some point, after the original hoopla dies down.

I know this board is all “Love CoCo - Hate Leno” - but if there was really that much universal love for Conan other than here on SDMB when he had the show, it wouldn’t have tanked.
If Conan does start a show on FOX in September, watch it sink like a stone after about three months, tops - especially if he has to compete against both Leno and Letterman. Conan won’t have a prayer.

Fox ends their local news at 11:00. If Conan were to do a show there, he would have a 35 minute lead on Jay and Letterman.

I had no dislike for Leno before this. I mean, I never watched him because I’ve always been a Letterman fan, but Leno always did a great monologue. But this whole Conan thing has made me lose all respect for him. Even if you ignore the incredibly disrespectful snub towards Conan, the fact is that Leno took a chance to move up in his career, to primetime, and he failed.

Again even without the whole forcing Conan out, its still so pathetic to see him even want to go back to his old job, to move backwards in his career. He should have stayed with Tonight and experimented with a primetime show first. Instead he gambled everything, and lost. And now he expects (and is getting) a ‘do-over’! Thought he had more integrity than that (Letterman would never do something like this!)

And I watched the last week of Conan. He was fine. He was as good as Leno. In fact, he was much better at sketch comedy than Leno ever was. Remember to took almost four years for Leno to finally beat Letterman’s CBS show. Conan got barely six months! And you can say its the network that forced Conan out, but without having Leno agreeing to come back they would NOT have done this. They would have given him more time. So Conan being fired is essentially completely Leno’s doing.


Bill Hicks had Leno pegged over 15 years ago:

Fuck Leno.

I have a response to your post, but I don’t want to take up this thread with the Leno vs. Team Coco thing. This thread seems to really about the current show, not the shitstorm that happened.

So I’m taking my reply to a new thread. (I didn’t use the omnibus thread because it’s so long.)

Not to hijack, but Hicks was a blowhard and to me, rarely ever funny.

That has to be a rumor. A booking war was briefly waged between Leno and Letterman when Leno took over the Tonight Show, but all it did was piss off celebrities and talent agencies who could give a shit about late night TV and just want to be on TV for 5 minutes to promote their movie.

Maybe Letterman is willing to try it again since he’s older and even less worried about upsetting celebrities than he used to be. But if Letterman’s show ends up being #2 again when Leno comes back, the policy is just going to hurt Letterman.

I, personally, have no use for Leno, but, if I wanted to see Letterman, I would watch Letterman, not Conan. Conan’s whole essence is to channel Letterman.

Wasn’t Leno basically forced out to begin with, by some schlubs that thought Conan was the wave of entertainment future? And, it seems that he only got his job back, rather than stealing it from Conan. Restealing what was stolen from him? And, this wasn’t a chance to move upward in his career. This kind of talk show never does well in Prime time; if it had, it would be swarming with them. IMHO, the show he was given was to keep him from jumping to CBS or something.

Also, why do so many people say that Leno is going backward in his career by going back to the Tonight show? There is no place that can top the Tonight show, for a comedian.

Best wishes,

So, did anyone see the show last night? Did Leno mention anything about it all?

Yeah, there are plenty of legit takedowns of Leno, but this hapless and humorless attempt (whose link always manages to pop up in a Leno thread nowadays) is definitely not it.

He mentioned it in the skit that opened the show (a parody of the Wizard of Oz where he wakes up in bed and thinks the 10 p.m. show was a dream) and mentioned the whole debacle briefly in his monologue (he said something along the lines of “I’m glad to be your host, but I don’t know how long this is going to last”). But other than that it felt like pretty much a normal episode of the old Tonight Show.

I wanted to watch Dave to punish NBC for taking away Coco. Unfortunately, Dave was kind of unwatchable last night; he and Bill Murray had about as much energy as a flickering refrigerator lightbulb. Jay brought his A-game, or something close to it.

So, how’s Leno doing?

Not bad.