tonights prom...Why am I sad?

Well tonight is prom at my school. I did not go and it is going on as I type this. I dont know why but I am realy bumed that i am not there. I didnt want to go but here I am sadder than A blues singer. All my friends are there and every one is there but here I sit all alone! What can I leagly do to become a happier person?

Doping is a good start to feeling better.

Crap, it’s prom time again? Time to start writing that OP about Dr. Suess…

I went to two proms in one night. They were highly overrated.

Well, you can congratulate yourself on your excellent taste in choosing a user name…

Keep in mind you just saved yourself over 100 bucks in tux rental, tickets, the limo and booze. So you now are much richer than your male classmates who went to prom.

Eeeh, really. Prom, shmom! You’re hanging out with US! We’re much cooler than some stupid prom!

Well, sorry to hear that in the near term duke, but in the long term it’ll all just be a memory soon. Buck up, pal! There’s other conquests awaiting!

When I was in high school, on prom night there was a King Diamond concert also. I went to the concert instead of prom.

I regret nothing.

Proms are over-rated.

Well I never was rich to begin with I was going to wear a screen tee of a tux not realy a tux…like the one fez wears on that seventies show! And I can get bosse free…oh yah i was going to ride my bike and pull my date in a wagon!

Big Kahuna Burger, 100 bucks?? Where have you been going to the prom? My last prom was in, eh… 1998, and I shelled out over $100 for the tux alone, not to mention tickets, entertainment, dinner, ride, booze. Sheesh.


That rules.

Proms are overrated. I didn’t go because it amounted to paying to party with people who wouldn’t normally associate with me.

I stayed home and got laid.

My prom date didn’t buy me dinner, rent a limo, or anything. I ate before I went, drove myself to his house, and then he drove from there. The only thing he spent money on was his tux.

No worries…think of it this way, in ten years you won’t even remember half the people you would have partied at the prom with.

My prom sucked.
We had the worst band they could find who only played one waltz the entire night! What’s a prom without making out on the dance floor so the chaperones have to ask you to break it up? :smiley:

Our prom was at the Tucson Hilton and had a DJ and laser lights on the walls. I was wearing chopsticks in my hair and I kept poking my date with them. OOps.

I went to one prom - in the ninth grade (we had a small school, so everyone was invited). Never went again, and never regretted it. I also didn’t go to any of the big graduation parties, or to my college graduation ceremony. Most high school functions are overrated.

Wait…you people had to pay to go to your own proms? Back at school, everyone got 4 tickets if they paid their school fees before a certain date, 3 if paid after that, and if you didn’t have money to pay it all (like a couple of friends I know), you got 2. If you invited extra people, you had to pay for them, of course, and it depended if they ate or not. I first decided not to go, but my friends insisted, picked up a dress for me, and accessories, and I went. I didn’t have a “typical” prom experience, since I didn’t dance, and I didn’t have a date, I just hanged with my friends…

Maybe that is why you are sad, that you are not hanging out with your friends because they are at the prom, not because of the prom per se.

You made your decision. In the future, you may or may not regret it, but for now you must bear it. Besides, it is not as if the prom is the last that you will see of your friends…well, in some cases it is, but now with e-mails and IM, you can keep contact with those you love.

I actually owned a tux from a wedding that February so I wore that, so I don’t know the exact tux costs. The tux itself cost only 120 bucks at Sims and it was of fairly good quality. Some friends of mine rented for 20 (These are the blue, American Pie tuxes mind you, but still) But when I split the limo with 7 other people it came out to only 70 bucks, tickets were 50 bucks, including dinner, I put in 10 bucks for booze, and house parties don’t cost nothin’. Total of 130 bucks.

I didn’t go to mine this weekend either. A waste of time and money, I say, plus I have nobody to go with anyway. While the prom was going on, I surfed the web and read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. IMHO, much better than dishing out $100+ to look like a pathetic loser and to get all depressed watching all the happy couples.

Just the anti-social kid’s two cents. :slight_smile:

I went to my prom. It was the lamest night I’ve ever spent 200 bucks on. Hm, maybe it’s the ONLY night I’ve ever spent 200 bucks on.

Anyway, I went with a guy I didn’t know well, as did my two best friends, so the 6 of us spent the before-prom-dinner immersed in awkwardness, the prom itself was super lame, and after the prom we drove around all night arguing about which after-prom party to go to.

It sucked, and I knew beforehand it would suck, but I am still glad I went because I’ll never have to wonder “But what if it didn’t suck and I would have had a good time had I gone?”