Tonight's sex questions

I have two question about sex, though one is more personal experience than fact.

First, does the actually, uh, act make noise?

Second, when did cunnilingus and fellatio develop?

[qoute]First, does the actually, uh, act make noise?

If I understand you correctly… you want to know if sex makes noise…

Of course it makes noise!!! Do ‘pushups’ make noise??

Jeez, turning over in bed makes noise.

I suppose sex in the vacuum of space might not make noise…

Was this a serious question?

Ok, I meant not genrated from the parties participating. The actual penetration part, if all other noise was discluded. I have no idea why this came into my mind, but it did, and it won’t go away.

uh… it can make noise, if your exertions are particularly vigorous and legs, stomachs, whatever are slapping together. This is more of an issue if the man is standing–>freer movement.

My guess is that oral sex developed because lips & tongue are some of the most sensitive areas of the body. It feels good to have them stimulated (smoking; chewing pens; sucking spoons; kissing).

Ahh penetration. Yes, it can. Air in the vagina etc. Nothing loud though.

Diaphragms can make really annoying squeaking sounds.

Cunnilingus and fellatio were accidently developed by one Mr. Herman Minkowitz, in his kitchen in Topeka, Kansas, on May 13, 1906.

the fanny fart strikes again! :smiley:

sorry…I have some wierd fascination with fanny farts lately! :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, take it easy on ol’ Speak. Yeah, the activities associated with sex make noise, even if its participants don’t. There’s skin on skin, as well as the sounds made by other parts of the people in motion. Any person moving with any other has to interact with something in order to move, some supportive surface or something. These interactions, whether with a creaky bed or a pup tent, usually make noise. So, yeah.

As for when oral sex started, who knows? I’m sure people have been engaging in oral since they discovered that sex is fun. It’s like an anthropology question: when did people start engaging in sexual activiy for recreation? Did homo erectus start this? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Bonobo chimpanzees perform oral sex on each other, so it’s probably been with us since before genus Homo.

Vaginal farts (or ‘queefs’) seem more common when you are (A) taking the woman from behind or (B) pulling it out completely and then pushing it back in, repeatedly © using a condom or (D) going at it at an angle, and then it is more of an anti-queef because it’s air being pulled in usually.

Actually my wife refers to them as “love poots”. :slight_smile:

No one knows when oral sex started. You can look up the origins of those big words though, to find out when the words originated.

Does sex make noise? Ah, even a deaf person like me knows it does.

However, does the sun rising make noise? How about the moon rising?

What? All by himself? Are you certain this was an unaided discovery?


No, and no.

While the effect of the moonrise on the ambient noise is probably negligible. The sun does in fact heat the air, which can create a noticeable ‘noise’. Not to mention the fact that a number of animals use it as a trigger to become more active, and hence create a considerable noise (usually right outside my window). While both these ‘noises’ are only created in a rather indirect manner and are not totally synchronicity with the actual sunrise I always associate them with it.

Sleep well

rubs eyes Cecil?!?! Is that YOU?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I know the origins of the words! :slight_smile:

Cunn, well, mean’s what you think it means, and lingus means to eat with the tongue

Fell means phallus (esentially) but I forget the exact meaning of atio…

-Paraphrased from Maxim

Wow. I’m floored. Thanks for the compliment…