Tony Orlando

Prompted by a joking mention of Tony Orlando’s hit “Candida” in another, totally unrelated, thread, I felt compelled to come here and praise two absolutley perfect pop masterpieces. here’s a link to a clip that includes both songs.

First, these are wonderfully crafted songs (Orlando didn’t write them, as far as I know). Candida, especially, has a lovely melody. And the arrangements are wonderful. No doubt all the instrumentalists are unknown session men, but every part is perfect. Candida has a great accoustic guitar part that you might not even notice if you weren’t listening for it, but you’d miss it if it weren’t there. Both songs have great, melodic bass lines that complement the melody nicely. And everyone remembers the arrangement of Knock Three Times – I mean, the “knock three times”, emphasized by the drums on each word, and the “twice on the pipe”, followed by two beats on a cowbell (or, for all I know, a real pipe in the studio), make the song unforgettable. And horns! I miss horns. Synthesizers suck.

The lyrics are great, too. Candida tells a great story, as does Knock Three Times. Knock leaves us hanging – does she knock three times on the ceiling, or does she rap twice on the pipe? I hope she knocked three times and met him in the hallway – you’re definitely on the singer’s side when you listen to the song. And the lyrics are about longing and desire and love, and not just about sex. Although the songs are sexy.

Second, Orlando had a nice tenor voice, and a gift for phrasing and communicating the song. He really gets you on his side.

And finally, to a twelve year old boy (when these songs were big hits), the sight of Dawn was life-changing. To this day, I can remember being mesmerized by Thelma Hopkins swaying her hips to the music. God, she was gorgeous (as was Joyce, the other half of Dawn).

Definitely not fashionable to admit that you think this was great music. You won’t be able to show your face at the next [fill in name of latest hipster band] or hip-hop show. But you know you love these songs. Come on, admit it. Bubblegum is irresistable.

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Don’t feel guilty, there’s nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure. During the 1970’s lots of people despised the Carpenters, yet Karen had a wonderful voice and the arrangements were flawless albeit a little overdone.

TO&D and the Carps sold a shit-ton of records in that decade which means lots of us folks liked their stuff. :slight_smile:

I used to recall fondly watching Tony Orlando & Dawn as a kid. After college (mid-80’s) I worked as a stagehand in Atlantic City, and our casino theatre had many big names come through to perform and draw in money from all around the mid-Atlantic region. TO&D were a big crowd pleaser. It was the perfect kind of music for the audience.

However, my opinion of Tony plummeted after working with him. The guy’s a dick. He treated the house orchestra like shit, cursing at them, telling they were “fucking hacks”, berating them, and basically just insulting everyone within earshot. These were professional musicians who backed much bigger names than TO.

I heard that he was missing, but they found him at the crack of dawn.

That is the dumbest, stupidest joke I ever heard and you should be ashamed for posting it…

And I can’t believe I was ninjaed by 1 minutes on it.

What, no love for “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”?

Some people have expressed horror at the song title “Candida”, or finding out about people with that name, because it’s also the name of that pesky yeast that causes vaginal infections. But the fungus is pronounced “can-di-dah” and the name, which is a fairly common Hispanic name, is pronounced “can-dee-dah”.

As a child of the 70s, I truly miss good ol’ easy listening like Tony Orland & Dawn and The Carpenters. And I LOVES me bubblegum pop. Including ABBA. :stuck_out_tongue: