Tony Robbins "Release the Power" Seminar - Are these any good?

I have an opportunity oi go to a 4 day Tony Robbins"Release the Power" seminar in Orlando. Cost will probably be around $ 3,000 with airfare.

Have you gone to one of his seminars?

Did you find it useful?

I have known some people who went on the company’s dime, at 2 different companies. It was a reward/training event for them. They all seemed to enjoy it, although none of the people I’m thinking of had the critical thinking skills to fit in on the Dope. And this was a few years ago, so it may not have been the exact same seminar. Still, you’d expect the seminars to improve over time, right? If it’s not your own $3,000, you should probably go. If it is your $3,000, think about what else you might do with that money.

Consider Googling “Tony Robbins Scam” and make your decision.

A thread from a while back.

Yikes! FIVE years!

I ask, because he seems to have borrowed from the other con ($cientology).
Seminars like this are OK (if somebody elese is paying).
But, if on your own dime, just pick up a copy of L.Ron hubbard’s rag…

They’re very good at disconnecting people from their money.

If you’re not warned off by the title of the seminar, then you might enjoy it. Different strokes and all that.

I’m going to go off now and release some power, back in 5 mins.