Too easy to get guns nowadays

I’ve heard this statement:
“Its just too easy for ____ to get guns nowadays.”
from a couple people and I’ve wondered.
Has it ever been harder? If so, when?

      • Guns were more prevelent in years past, and their ownership and use was more casual. What we didn’t have was a generation of underclass taught that their desires deserve to be met regardless of how irresponsible they are. - MC

When I was a kid and had real guns to play with we had woods to play in. Shot a lot of trees in my youth.
There was less graffiti too. We had trees to carve our names into.
The woods are all gone now. Been replaced with houses. There is no place to play with guns.
Probably get into trouble for carving your name into a tree, since they are all in peoples yards now.
If we could all carry guns at least we could shoot back at assholes that start shooting near us.


with the instant check procedures going into effect in many areas, it will be easier for law abiding citizens to get guns, but no law is going to change the availability for criminals. Even a total ban has not hurt the availability of pot, cocaine, lsd…

The statement you heard seems to be one of attempting to create a false sense of need to correct an imagined problem.

Thank you!

Not to start a fight here (or a Great Debate, even :)) but you just hit the nail right on the head.

All the furor over firearms has done is make it more difficult for Mr./Ms. Law-Abiding-Citizen to get a gun. It’s done nothing to keep firearms out of criminal hands, but it does give a lot of other people the warm fuzzies thinking about how they’re making the world a better place by keeping guns out of it. Buys some votes too.

If you think “gun control” or banning guns outright will make this a safer society or reduce crime, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings here but just ain’t so.

your humble TubaDiva

      • Oldsters will tell you, four or five decades ago, gas stations used to SELL cheap handguns and ammo. There was still crime, but the reason they stopped (selling guns) was because of government regulation, not any public outcry. - MC

I came in here intending to torpedo some dingalings, and found a bunch of smart people. Boy am I bewildered.

Let me just add an example of how those who spread the “guns are too easy to get” misinformation operate. Immediately after the Columbine shootings, they raised a hue and cry for more “gun control” laws…including a ban on people under the age of 21 buying handguns. The problem is, of course, that such a ban has been in place for 30 years. But the agendas of the banners demand they imply that the mental defectives in question could have obtained their weapons legally some how, in order to justify more laws.

My all-time favorite example of such lies by implication comes from a magazine ad around 20 years ago–I believe it was taken out by the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, which has since changed its name to something that obscures what it does. It had a picture of a revolver in red, white, and blue stripes, and a list of foreign countries and their firearms deaths for the previous year. (Not just HANDGUN deaths, and there was no distinction between a murder and a police shooting and a suicide–that would introduce issues that they didn’t want anyone thinking about.) Then there was the figure for US firearms deaths, and the tag line “God Bless America.” Problem was, one of the countries listed approvingly as having few firearms deaths was Switzerland. The implication was that these countries had more restrictive gun laws than the United States, but Switzerland had and has one of the most heavily armed civilian populations in the world–they are REQUIRED to be armed, with handguns, automatic weapons, etc. That’s a big reason why even Nazi Germany didn’t take the Swiss on.

So much for truth in advertising.

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Ya know, this really IS a Great Debate . . . so let’s move it.

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