Too geeky even for HAMs. The CB radio SSB geek! He RULEZ!!!!

Single Side Band Ionospheric Wave Propagation RULEZ!!!

Color me unimpressed. If he operated legally, I’d have some respect for him, but as it is, he’s no better than the bootleggers who crap all over the ham bands.

73 de KB2YYR

I can’t understand your crazy moon language! Is this some kind of leet speak? :wink:

Hey Q.E.D., congrats on passing 10,00 posts! Stop making the rest of us look bad! Or good, depending on how you look at it.

It’s Hamspeak, ya big goof! :wink: “73” is shorthand for “best regards”, “de” is a Morse Code abbreviation for “from”, and KB2YYR is my station callsign.

10,000, I mean. Ten thousand. 10,00 is like ten thousand, only with fewer calories, but still the same great taste.

I’ll shut up now.

Ah, that’s better! Thank you! From your first post, I thought my postcount had started running backwards. :smiley:

No no, I was just trying out the new numbering system…of the FUTURE!

Just wait 'til you hit eleventy kajillion posts!

Waitaminute-- Former extreme independent professional wrestler Eric “Extreme” Goldberg , (who was forced to retire extremely early in his career, but still updates his webpage regularly due to chronic illness,) would have Q.E.D.'s respect if he limited himself to a four-watt transmitter?

You hammies are a hard bunch to make out, sometimes.

Where I come from, nobody with a webpage that prominently features a photoshop “neon-glow” filter enhanced picture of them flexing in a wife-beater, with a tiled twinkle-star background, excessive use of USS Enterprise animated gifs in a non-scifi context, and repeated use of the word RULEZ!!! gets any respect.

Well, no, I did say some respect. :wink:

Hey, if a CBer can stick with the FCC-assigned limits, he deserves something, despite his apparent lack of website design sensibility. :D. This guy, though, he’s got nothing.

That’s not entirely true-- he’s got a dedicated fan-base that groks his unique aesthetic.

The mind boggles.

Gack. That website looks like Ill Mitch got himself a radio hobby.

I dig the Galaxy Saturn, though. It looks fast and danger!

Oh dear lord!


Eh. I talked to Tenerife from Kentucky on 5 watts. If Eric can do that on 4W SSB, then I’ll be impressed. Radio ain’t like wrasslin’, where bigger is better. It’s a skill, and I’ll I see is a lot of wrasslin’ hot air.


I recall Gordon West saying somewhere that he made a several hundred mile contact on a dummy load.