Too many naked babies!!!

Hey, pampers, could your shot of the naked baby ass be any more gratuitous? I’m tryin’ to eat

Where these baby asses shitty or something? Cause I really don’t see how it could be disgusting unless they were shitty.

Naked babies don’t bug me but I hate hate hate all those commercials with babies dressed up in adult clothes, like they’re part of some bizarre all-baby community. Man that creeps me out.

Perverts certainly love the ads with naked baby asses. A friend of mine works in a prison. He told me that when one of the inmates was busted for molestation, the cops found tapes of diaper commercials, and print ads from parenting magazines of baby butts in the guy’s house.

Knowing this, I sort of cringe whenever I see one of these ads, thinking that out there, there’s probably a pervert who’s getting purient enjoyment out of watching it.

If the Internet has taught me nothing else, it’s taught me that somewhere out there is a pervert getting prurient enjoyment out of ANYTHING. And taking photos of it, discussing it with like-minded individuals, and writing fantasies about it.

Plus, when babies first see me, they give me this… stare… it’s like they’re looking directly into my soul… and then… they laugh!!!

[sub]mustn’t sleep… babies will eat me… mustn’t sleep… babies will eat me…[/sub]

And making lists of where their boner inducer* makes appearences in films, TV, comic books and any other form of media.

  • Just to note that there are female perverts as well and if you are a female and a pervert please email me.

I don’t know if it’s gratuitous, it could just be effective marketing. I know the sight of a naked baby makes me feel an immediate need to get a diaper, and fast.

Strangely enough, this all started after she learned how to remove them on her own… at least now she comes and gets me and tells me that she peed on the kitchen floor.

It’s a kind of progress.

I’ve always wondered where the line is between being a cute shot of a baby’s butt and child pornography. If I had pictures of my 6 month old baby naked, no one would think any different of me. However, if I had naked pictures of my 3 year old, I’d probably be in jail. What gives.

Forget the bare baby bums, it’s the blue pee that gives me the heebie jeebies. :::shiver:::

Those in the US should be thankful. Some of the naked baby/toilet/scatalogical adverts I’ve seen in the UK and Europe are truly disgusting.

Hmmm, I thought this thread would be about Anne Geddes.

There’s a commercial here that freaks me out a little. It’s for pull-up diapers, and it shows this little girl sitting on the toilet with her legs sticking out and her diapers around her ankles. IMO, innocent, but mildly cringe-worthy.

Yeah, baby ads in the UK are truly prurient. Long extended shots of baby bottoms sitting down or mums kissing them with evident relish. No doubt it is lovely for a mum to kiss her baby’s skin, but do we really have to witness it?

Thanks for the birth control.

When that runs out you can use some of this: When my precious little buggers were a little less than a year old my husband and I woke up to a foul smell coming from the next room. We catiously turn the corner and see our two bundles of joy in one crib with shit smeared all over the place.

The walls, the crib, themselves. . . The worse part was their literal shit-eating grins. They thought is was so funny-- the little fuckers.

Goldurnit, I clicked on this thread after misreading the title as ‘Too Many Naked Babes’.

I was going to ask, “Where?” But naked babies just don’t compare …

If Aaron ever peed blue, I’d be very worried. Poop, on the other hand, comes in a rainbow of colors…


I found my kid reaching back behind and bringing out scoops of poo last week. She’s wipe it on her sweatshirt and go back down for more.

Seemed pretty enthralled, like she was her own PlayDough factory or something. I think if I had let her she would have just kept going until her hand finally came out clean.

Somehow that only seem appropriate for your baby, lieu.

ROTFLMAO till wads of phlegm come shooting out my nose*

Thanks for the imagery,lieu.:slight_smile:

IDBBwho is nursing a mega-wicked cold/sinus thing and needed to laugh