Too Many Telemarketing Calls?

(Answering machine on)
“Hello. My name is xxxxxx. I’m with the Consumer Privacy Bureau. The reason I’m calling is that It’s come to my attention that this phone number receives a high volume of telemarketing phone calls, many of which are probably unwanted and unsolicited.
We can put a stop to this for you. I can be reached at 1-800-xxx-xxxx.”
(answering machine off)

Okay. Anyone heard of, work for, have a friend who works for or has a clue about the Consumer Privacy Bureau?
Other than the fact that they make telemarketing calls?

Sounds like they want money for the service. They’ll probably do all the work of removing you from the lists. Sounds like a good service if it’s not a scam.

A business using telemarketing to sell their service that stops telemarketing?

Ouch. My head hurts.

Call those mother fuckers at every payphone you see, and just let the phone hang. I hate that telemarketing shit. For this very reason, I have my phone listed under my cat’s name. That way I always know it’s a telemarketer when they ask for Jack. If you call them from a payphone, they don’t get your home phone, (shows up on the bill who called) -and- they get charged a fee. You did not ask for their call to you, so turnabout is fair play.

It’s probably a scam.

Clearly the Consumer Privacy Bureau is an organization has absolutely no appreciation for irony.

And Wonko…that part about putting the phone in your cat’s name was a brilliant idea. Sounds just like something that Douglas Adams’s “Wonko” would do.

If it weren’t for the fact that telemarketing calls to my place is a pretty rare occurrence, I’d consider doing it myself.

The best way to deal with telemarketers is to ask to be put on their “do not call” list. By law they must maintain a list of numbers they may not call for a certain time period - 2 or 3 years, it seems. They will drop the sales pitch instantly. They may give you a spiel about it takes 4-8 weeks to take effect, but if you’re persistent and do this with each caller, you’ll cut the number of sales calls dramatically.

Then don’t put your phone # on anything you don’t have to, especially customer surveys, product warranty cards, that sort of junk.

<hijack story> I got a call from one of the computerized “surveys” once. This was the kind where the machine asks a question, then tapes your response. Some of these record as long as you talk. I parked the phone by the radio and went outside for awhile. </hijack story>

LOL, we don’t have our phone listed under the cat’s name, but we always use his name for questionaires. One time some woman called up to sell him aluminum siding and she cracked up when I told her. “Well, we’ll just take his name off the list then!”

Heres a fun little game: When prompted for a phone number on a website or another survey or radioshack etc. give them the number of another telemarketing group. You can find the numbers in the phone book, generally. Sadly, you only get to imagine the fun you are having, but it makes me smile everytime i do it.

Try the following link.

Your request to be placed on the do not call list lasts about 1 year. If they tell you it takes 5-6 weeks to be put on the list, or that the business actually hires 2-5 different telemarketing firms, consider that great news. If you keep a log, you have the possibility of collecting $500-$1500 in small claims court. See link above.

I’m with Smeghead on this one. Yowsa. Using telemarketing to stop telemarketing? When will it end?

Interesting, to me anyways, sidenote. A search of “Consumer Privacy Bureau” turned up this site. All legit and normal, I presume, and probably not the people that called you, but check out some of their suggestions for stopping spam. Of particular interest to me was this one-

Bastards! That explains how the telemarkers got my new number only weeks after I moved. You can’t trust anyone to not sell you out.

Ahh, crap. Sorry about that…

The more I poked around that site the more I realize it probably is the group that called you. And yes, they charge a fee for doing something you can do on your own for free.

I didn’t mean to link to that kind site. I was only giving it a mention because I quoted one of their suggestions.

I’ll ask to have it nixed out.

Carry on…

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