Too much fruit ?

A simple one this time…is it possible to eat too much fruit?

I tend to snack on fruit in the office and the more I have the more I eat, (cherries being todays favourite!) and I always thought that something so good for you should have ‘no limit’ but now I’m thinking that maybe that’s wrong.

Are there some fruits ‘better’ than others (based on sufgar content/colour of skin) ?

It’s possible, if it’s crowding other healthy foods like vegetables and whole grains out of your diet. High consumption of fruit can also cause diarrhea or loose stools. Plus, they are high in sugar, although the fiber content mitigates that somewhat.

OTOH, they’re far better than chocolate bars and cheez doodles, so if they replace those types of snack foods and you’re still eating healthy meals and not gaining weight (you have to eat a whole lot of cherries to equal the calories in a Snicker’s bar - almost 3 cups without the pits!), then you’re fine.

As far as what kinds of fruits, it probably doesn’t matter much unless you’re on a restricted diet. Here’s the glycemic index of some common ones. If you tend to “sugar crash,” than I’d limit the higher ones to occasional treats.
Apple GI is 38
Banana GI is 55
Cantaloupe GI is 65
Cherries GI is 22
Grapefruit GI is 25
Grapes GI is 46
Kiwi GI is 52
Mango GI is 55
Orange GI is 44
Papaya GI is 58
Pear GI is 38
Pineapple GI is 66
Plum GI is 39
Watermelon GI is 103

Beyond that, try for the new trendy guideline of 5 fruits and/or vegetables a day of 5 different colors. And orange, some cherries, some dark leafy greens, a yellow squash and some carrots, for example. This ensures a wide range of nutrients.

D’oh! Carrots and oranges are the same color, aren’t they? Substitute a kiwi for that orange and we’ll get along fine. Here’s more on the 5-a-day campaign.

My doctor did a routine blood test on me once and said my blood sugar was too high. When he found out how much fruit I was eating he told me to cut down. I did, and I haven’t had a problem with blood sugar since.

Everything in moderation. Too much of anything is a bad thing…