Too Much Paper (mild)

Everywhere I look, I have tons of pieces of paper ! School papers, recipts, letters, notes, lists, craft projects, bills, newspapers, sales flyers, cards and magazines. There is even papers stuck into every CD or DVD I buy !

I spend so much time trying to figure out what I need to keep and what I can throw out and where the hell I’m supposed to put it all !

I don’t want any more paper !

I hear you. Schools are unbelievable founts of paper. My kids have at least two or three things each every single day. Supposedly they were going to try to cut back by only giving school-wide notices to the youngest child, but I think a lot of the various groups (and there are soooooo many) are trying to sneak around it. I must have personally disposed of a dumpster full of construction paper doohickies in the last couple of years.