Too much sex on TV? Maybe not for much longer....

Just rememberd the Trib requires registration (though its free).

The original article from the Washington Post can be found here:

Any synopsis that doesn’t require registration?

The Washington Post article didn’t require me to register. Basically, a study found that people are less likely to remember advertisements that are shown during sexually explicit shows. I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. TV and ad execs have spent their whole careers giving us bawdry and explicit programming in order to make money, only to fail now.

How marvelous.

I don’t find this particularly groundbreaking. I never remember what ads ran during a TV show. Know why? 'Cuz I don’t watch 'em. “Commercial break,” to me, doesn’t mean, “Sit and be told what products to buy,” it means, “Relieve my bladder, get a snack, or finish magazine article before show resumes.”

Also, the research could as easily support the opposite conclusion as the thread title: Advertiser-supported television may be giving way to a pay-per-program model, as the ROI on TV ads continues to decline.

Hmm, very interesting notion. I like the suggested notion that the ads’ content would need to mesh with the program in order to sink in.

Incidentally, I once took a very long phone poll from Hyundai about automobile commercials that had been running for about the past, oh, three months? I barely got any of the questions right… I knew all the commercials mentioned, but the content of the commercials (warranty periods, for example) and the actual brand of vehicle was totally lost on me.

I had seen, and even liked, many of them, and yet couldn’t put it together.

I try not to watch commercials anyway. Frequently, I will have some sort of reading material with me and will mute the set and read a few pages. By then, the program is back on and I do not have some sort of mass psychological experiment being performed on me every 10 minutes. But its getting worse every year. Product placement in the shows, crass commercialism in the local news broadcasts, etc.

Anyone else getting sick of advertisments being thrown at them 27/7?


Not so long as I don’t pay 1/7 for Buffy, nope.

You, my friend, are a nothing more than a thief.

At least if you ask Jamie Kellner, CEO of Turner Broadcasting:

Of course, he did make an exception for answering the call of nature, but supposedly said you should make it quick.

“Anyone else getting sick of advertisments being thrown at them 27/7?”

I would gladly sit through the ads if it meant having 27 hours in a day in return. :smiley:

The ads are what make my TV viewing free. They do get annoying, but are much better at this point in my life than actually paying for cable or something (which also has ads anyway!).

I just don’t watch TV much in general, though.

I can take the ads on TV. I just tune them out automatically.

It’s commercials before movies that get on my nerves. As high as prices are for tickets and food, then I have to sit through crappy commericals.

The only good thing is that they don’t interrupt the film every 15 minutes to show ads.

From A Christmas Story.

Said by Ralphie, in the bathroom, after decoding todays message with his Lil’ Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring[sub]TM[/sub].

Now if they just conduct a study that shows that TV violence makes people buy-crazy zombies, a wonderful new era of television will dawn upon us.

I forgot about that.

Though I think he said “Crummy Commercial”. :slight_smile: