Too Stupid To Know You're Incompetent - Social Science marches bravely forward!

I’m not sure why this topic seemed a profound enough conundrum to justify an extensive study but I suppose academics gotta eat too. I look forward to their next article “Smart people get all the Nobel Prizes. What’s up with that?”

Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments

So this is the definition of “pompous ass”?

Also: it ain’t the stuff I don’t know that gets me in trouble, it’s the stuff I do know that ain’t so!

When did “metacognitive” become a word? Was it when ketchup became a vegetable?

It became a word when psychologists needed a nifty way of saying thinking about thinking. I have to say it does make a good short hand for it.

Since when is ketchup a vegitable?

:smacks head: vegetable not vegitable.

Stupid brain not pulling its weight.

1999? I bet you thought it would take you less time than that to look up the reference astro :smiley:

I think its a sensible and interesting thing to study. Part of intelligence is the ability so see that you made a mistake, understand why you did, predict and assess future decisions of the same sort and have the self-command to rectify the important ones by internal or external controls without worrying about the small imperfections in one’s rationality. All formidable and distinct information processes that the brain carries out, all can go wrong.

On a related note, I’ve got a theory I want to explore about lack of body awareness and social capital.

I was trying to figure out why geeks wear odd clothes and geek guys wear their pants up so high and slouch a lot. I thought maybe there is an element of not being aware of one’s bodily self (how one walks, how one looks, how one projects an image).

Didn’t this guy win the Ig Nobel prize a few years back, or am I hallucinating?

You know, this explains a lot of the decisions I’m known for making on the golf course.

Well, being a slouching geek, I can answer part of your question. Geeks aren’t very strong, and that weakness makes it difficult to stand up straight. I can stand up straight when I want to, but it’s very tiring, and not a position I can hold for long.

This is great! I now have a new excuse for my boss.

“I know I screwed this up beyond all possibility of recovery, but that’s because I lack the metacognitive skills to realize that I don’t know what I’m talking about.”