Too ugly for yoga ?

My wife has been practising yoga with our neighbor Rosco for the last 3 months and she’s really toning up good , i’ve noticed a huge difference in both her physical apperance and her attitude in general.
She’s a lot happier in herself and full of confidence .
Anyway when my friend Harold saw her he was amazed at the change in her and asked me if I would ask my wife if he could join them , as Harold is a little bit over weight and could certainly use the exorcise.
When I put this question to my wife she said deffinately not! and that Harold was not good looking enough.
Well that just blew me away as I never really thought that a person had to be good looking to practice yoga.
So do you guys know much about yoga? there seems to be different types of yoga and this exelent one my wife is doing with Rosco is called tantric yoga and the results are fantastic!
But I still don’t understand why you have to be good looking to practice this type of yoga , so does anyone know much about this type of yoga?

Am I the only one thinking of Dale and his wife from King of the Hill?

Maybe Rosco (or your wife) just doesn’t want to look at an “ugly” person whilst doing yoga?

Maybe something’s going on between Rosco and your wife that they don’t want anyone to know about (I’m not making accusations, just throwing out ideas).

Oh, jeez, I laughed so hard my stomach hurts.

Heh. Yeah, there are different kinds of yoga, and some are more exlusionary than others.

Fireball, you said your wife is conducting “tantric yoga” with some bloke. Either you are trying to “whoosh” us all, or you have a serious need to bone up on what Tantric yoga means.

Caveat: Tantric yoga is not always about sex, although that is the sensationalistic side of it that has captured the attention (and wallets) of so many Americans. There is a whole nonsexual side of Tantric yoga as well. Mircea Eliade even said that hatha yoga is one branch of Tantric yoga, because it concerns mastery of the body. Hatha yoga is the physical exercises that most Americans think of when they hear “yoga.” There are plenty of other yoga practices that don’t use this physicality, but are more focused on meditation.

Anyway, a person’s looks obviously have nothing to do with yoga whatsoever. This is a nonsequitur. Either Fireball is playing a nonsensical hoax on us, or something significant has been omitted from this discussion.

haha, thats some funny sh1t :slight_smile:

I have heard a lot lately about this.
I just like the meditation and stretches myself.

I’ve done hatha, kirpalu and ashtanga and there wasnt a looks requirement, thats just silly. I’d be more concerned that your wife is doing tantric yoga with someone else.

You know, I really didn’t pay too much attention to the subtle wording of the OP, but on a second readthrough, I think we’ve all been whooshed.

LOL…I took this as a joke and a good laugh.
Keep up the good work Fireball , I love bit of humor…got any more? lol

Okay, whether or not this was a whoosh…

I’ve been thinking about going to yoga classes (at my gym) – but not now.

I’m very sensitive about my weight, and the very idea that someone could even contemplate mentioning my appearance is enough.

Forget it.

Yeah but your not contemplating tantric yoga though are you Mikie? It’s a fairly sensual thing normally conducted with your bed partner, not a classroom of get-fit-guys.

Your wife didn’t tell you that you’re too…
No. Of course not.

Migrane Therepy??

Tantric yoga? The OP sounds more like tantrum yoga.

This doesn’t belong in GQ

This article disputes the claim that pulchritude is a prerequisite for yoga-ing.

This is a spoof Reader’s Wives type letter from a jazz mag, isn’t it?

If not, sorry. The answer to the GQ is obviouly NO.

I always felt I was too ugly for Yoga too.