Too young for this

I am only 17 and I think I already have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My right hand aches constantly down the middle finger bone segments (too lazy to look up names and such). Any body else with problems like this? Any remedies/rituals/exercises to suggest? I used to take Glucosamine for runners knee (tendonitis), and it seemed to help. I am sure that the apparent success was due to the placebo effect.

I just exercise in general and it seems to help mine. I’ve found that stretching out my fingers and exercising my wrists seems to help too. Work em in circles. Adjust the way you sit, too. I’ve found sitting high up so that my lower arms are straight from elbow to finger helps. Wrist braces may help too. And those gel pad thingies they sell that you put by the keyboard. Or maybe just one of those keyboard wrist rests.

A guy named John Brookfield wrote a book called Mastery of Hand Strength. It costs about $15, and the exercises he outlines there will help you.

Of course, visiting a doctor might be advisable as well - unless you have already, of course.

And of course this should go without saying, but stay away from the computer as much as you can.

yeah that sounds easy doesn’t it?
I am trying to avoid doctor visits: my car has been costly recently.

I will look into hand specific exercises though.

Being unable to perform your job or school work might prove more costly than a visit to the doctor in the long run, HeartOfGold.

I take your point, Coldfire.

I’m mouse happy; keyboard shortcuts are not for me.

When my right hand or wrist starts to hurt, I rearrange my desk and use the mouse with my left hand until the right feels better.

There are splints you can wear that hold your wrists and hands steady and they do seem to help a bit.

Go to an orthopedics/medical supply store and purchase a wrist wrap. There are many, just ask for the one that has a metal brace that conforms to the “natural shape” of the wrist and extends from your palm all the way up to your wrist.

After suffering for two years, I was this close to having surgery for my carpel tunnel. I had heard so many horror stories about the surgery and a friend told me about this wrist brace.

It worked! I wore it for six months straight, (except in the shower, of course) and I have had no problems since then.

I think I found your problem.

I’ll agree with other posters, exercise your hand more.

I’m 17, and I’ve got a wart on my one finger. I thought only ond people got warts.

[sub]Well, actually, I knew that [i[anyone* could get warts, but I still thought I wouldn’t get them until I was older[/sub]

There was an article on tendinits/cts in <i>Bass Player</i> a few months back. Granted, you’re typing, not playing a bass, but they also suggested stretching, and their suggestions were really simple: just pull back each finger before you’re going to start up, just enough to feel a slight stretch, not enough to actually crack your knuckles, and repeat for each finger. If your hands/fingers start hurting, stop, or adopt a new position: don’t let your hands rest on the surface of the keyboard, for instance. And of course, they also make the obligatory request for any suffers to see a doctor.

Support your mousing wrist on a book-- it makes the tingling go away, for me at least.