Toontown players, have I got a secret for you!

For anyone playing Toontown ( and looking for fellow travelers, I have the following secrets to offer so we can chat like normal people. These are good for only two days, so jump on them while you can:
h57 t98 (secret 1)
fqx dku (secret 2)
tbb bbm (secret 3)

For those curious, Toontown is Disney’s new MMORPG where you and a few hundred other people use practical jokes to stop the evil Cogs from overtaking your town. Though designed for children, the game has enough variety in quests, mini-games, and design to keep the environment fresh and fun for adults. Also to keep it safe for children, conversations are limited to a preset list of commands. Only by using a ‘secret’ with someone you know in the outside world can you talk to someone, hence my list above. Likewise, creating a character name requires choosing from a LONG list of prefixes/suffixes/in-betweens to create a unique name OR you can create your own assuming they approve it (takes about three days where I got a Mister Pink approved, though my character I play with is Professor Pickles Purplepocket). It runs $9.95 for the first month and $6.95 for each month after so it is definitely the cheapest of the MMORPGs.

I promise I do not work for the company. Just someone who is an MMORPG whore and somewhat of a Disney fan who can point out a fun game when he finds one.