"Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations"

Just about everything on the list is pretty cool, but if you ask me #9 should be #1.

The Han Solo looks cool, but let’s face facts, it’s just a big statue. I’m a lot more impressed by the people who were able to build a working air conditioner or pinball machine out of legos.

No mention of the Lego Rubik’s Cube?

Definately the Lego Church

The Lego difference engine is very cool.

What? No Lego Cthulhu?


I thought the knitting machine was the oddest. First, why would you want a knitting machine and second, one made from Legos? Do you wake up one day and say, “I’m going to make a knitting machine out of Legos today!”?
All of these folks have too much time on their hands. But their stuff is really cool–I like the car and the air conditioner. I keep finding Legos here with my barefeet in the dark, so perhaps I’ll build something myself…

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

For a second there, I thought someone had beaten me to my link. But what you got there, while cool, ain’t half as cool as this.

well, now I have to go and buy myself a set of Lego blocks, dammit.

Now I want a Lego computer just so I can justify buying a couple of these for external storage.

Tentacles. Why is it always tentacles???

Easy winner: the Lego Old Testament.

The Italian film Ladri di Saponetti (The Icicle Thief) shows a kid starting to play with Lego on the living room floor. When we see him later, he’s built a scale replica of St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow) that takes up most of the room. To me, that remains the ultimate Lego creation I’ve ever seen.

The amusing part about the Lego Bible is the ratings. They’ve broken it down into ten different Biblical books, groups of stories, etc., and they rate them for nudity, violence, cursing, and sexual content.

All ten have nudity and violence, and cursing and sexual content are found in most of the ten.

This is no surprise to anyone who’s actually read much of the Bible, but clearly the Bible is a bad influence on good, wholesome Christians, who should be protected from it at all costs.

What about Lego Turing machines?

I think the part that amuses me most about The Brick Testament is that Adam is sporting some wicked Charles Bronson hair.

Well, that and Lego Eve seems to have created an ancient push-up bra with her garland of flowers.

And the prostitutes. They just crack me up, as I wasn’t aware Lego made career-wear.


I think out of everything, the difference engine blew my mind the most.