Top 10 Weirdest Celebrities

This site claims to list the ten weirdest celebrities:

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Courtney Love
  3. Nick Nolte
  4. David Blaine
  5. Christina Aguilera
  6. Gary Busey
  7. Lil’ Kim
  8. Anne Heche
  9. Nic Cage
  10. Penny Marshall

Okay, I think we can all agree on Michael Jackson. But come on, do they expect us to believe Penny Marshall is stranger than Crispin Glover?

I’m stunned Christoper Walken is nowhere on that list.

Ed Wood and his coterie out-weird most of them. Also, Rondo Hatton.

I’d put Sammy Davis Jr. and John Astin in between Gary Busey and Li’l Kim.

I agree that Crispin Glover should be WAY up there. David Arquette is pretty spastic, too.

No Sean Young?

Or Angelina Jolie?

Or Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob Thornton?

Just my orinion, but the impression I get from watching his interviews is that Christopher Walken is actually a very stable, level-headed guy who’s having a lot of fun with the fact that he can play a psychotic freak so well. Despite how weird the characters he plays are, I haven’t seen anything to indicate he’s like that in real life.

Other than that, I agree with the votes for Glover, Jolie and Young.

Sean Penn used to be quite the freak, but I haven’t heard much about his antics lately. Has he settled down?

Just in case you were wondering…

orinion = moronic opinion

[sub]Preview, damnit! Preview![/sub]

Another vote for Billy Bob and Lolie.

I am very fond of Christopher Walken, so I am heartened to hear that he probably isn’t quite so freaky in real life.

How about Jeff Goldblum? He always seems kind of disoriented, like the people who call talk shows and leave their radios on

Some others to consider:

Marlon Brando
Keith Richards
Maryln Manson
Shirley MacLaine
Rip Taylor
Mike Tyson
Prince Charles
George W. Bush
Sandra Bernhard
James Lipton

Tom Green
Mike Tyson

Robert Downey Jr.

The late, great Tiny Tim.

If we’re allowed dead people:

Salvador Dali

Christina Aguilera? She’s not weird. She’s cultivated an image of being weird to sell records. I mean, no-one’s really suckered in by the skanky clothes and all are they?

How about Bjork?

I immediately thought “Crispin Glover” when I saw the title. I see that I am in agreement with the OP here. I get the warm fuzzies from that.

Krokodil – what was so weird about John Astin?

I’m not positive Bill-Bob Thornton really is weird – I think it might be some weird postmodern commentary on celebrity.

And, yeah, there’s lots of people weirder than Penny Marshall.

Of the top of my head I’d say Emo Philips and David Sedaris should be on the list. I think they’re both hilarious, but they can be twisted!