Top 5 Loony Tunes/Merrie Melodies

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What about Bugs and Little John and the Sherriff of Nottingham? And perhaps even better, the one with Daffy as Robin, trying to convince Porky Pig? Robin Hood Daffy Thrust parry spin …

Please, people…please stop linking to the YouTube videos of these. I’ve got to get to bed before too long, and you’re making it impossible.

Well I was going to link to another 4 great ones I found, but I guess I won’t now. :wink:

You said Merrie Melodies and this is an old one. As a kid in the seventies, I’d see it sometimes and it made me crack up everytime.

Green Fedora

The older sibling bunny strutting around singing “I’m wearin’ my green fedora…for Dora!”

The young bunny he’s babysitting going from a screaming bawl to a “hyuck hyuck” hilarious laugh.

The problem is that it’s so hard to limit oneself to just five. So those I have listed are in no particular order, and are just a little more that five!

Feed the Kitty
What’s Opera, Doc?
One Froggy Evening
Rabbit Seasoning
Bully for Bugs
The Rabbit of Seville
Duck Dodgers in the 24-1/2 Century (my second favorite thing in the universe!)
Duck Amuck

The Screwy Truant
Happy Go Nutty

2 of my favorites!

“London bridge is falling down… splat!”

What’s the name of the one with the big bulldog and the little kitten? Where the dog thinks that the kitten got made into a cookie.

  1. One Froggy Evening
  2. Duck Amuck
  3. Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century
  4. Feed the Kitty
  5. What’s Opera, Doc?

No one comes close to Chuck Jones.

If we eliminate him from the competition, my choices would be:

  1. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
  2. Porky in Wackyland
  3. Horton Hatches the Egg
  4. I Love to Singa
  5. Tortoise Beats Hare (one of the few times Bugs loses)

Yoiks…and away…

Feed the Kitty – on someone’s list, above. A classic.

#4 on my list!

I love to singa
about the moon-a in a june-a
and a spring-a

I only have one.

Feed the Kitty


Tex Avery was a genius, but he worked at more than one studio. These two were directed at MGM, not Warner Bros. (To show you how far he evolved as a director: he directed I Love To Singa.)

If we were to include MGM I would probably have thrown “Red Hot Riding Hood” in there.

Oh Lord that one breaks my heart every time I see it. When the woman gives him
that kitten-shaped cookie and he places it on his back… The look on his face is

I’d like to watch Soup Or Sonic from the Road Runner collection before I submit my top five.

performs the magical Google incantation

Here it is!