Top 5 Loony Tunes/Merrie Melodies

Here’s my Top 5:

  1. Duck Amuck
  2. What’s Opera Doc?
  3. One Forggy Evening
  4. I Love to Singa
  5. Rabbit Seasoning

Good list, except (a) I’m not familiar with I Love to Singa, and (b) of the opera pastiches, I prefer Bunny of Seville over What’s Opera Doc.

I would add the one with Porky & Sylvester in the haunted (by mice) hotel – Claws for Alarm, IIRC.

Great choices, I would drop “I Love to Singa” and I think “One Froggy Evening”.

  1. What’s Opera Doc? *I’ll kill the wabbit! Awise storm! North wind bwow! South wind bwow! Huwwicanes!Typhoons! Earthquakes! Smog! *
  2. Rabbit Seasoning Duck Season, Rabbit Season
  3. Racketeer Rabbit (1946) *Now, look. would I do this if Rocky was in there? [Sticks a sword into the trunk] *
  4. Baseball Bugs (1946) *That’s what the man said, you heard the man…! *
  5. Duck Amuck Ain’t I a stinker


Duck Amuck stands head and shoulders above the others, so here are my next 5:

  1. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
  2. Bully for Bugs
  3. Feed the Kitty
  4. Past Perfumance
  5. Buccaneer Bunny

Excellent list, G. O. I’d probably replace “I love to Singa” with either “Long Hair Hare” or “Fraidy Cat”.

Makes it seem like I’m Chuck Jones’s bitch, but he is my favourite of the directors, and that’s with absolutely no disrepect to the others, including the unfairly (IMHO) maligned Robert McKimson.

Ditto on Chuck Jones. But I’ll include a non-Chuck in my official list (which will undoubtedly change, every time someone posts and I think “Oooh! Love that one!”)

  1. Duck Amuck
  2. Rabbit Seasoning
  3. Claws for Alarm
  4. A Lad-in-his Lamp
  5. One of the classic Road Runners.

As I recently stated in another thread, my all-time favorite cartoons (not just WB cartoons) are the Daffy/Bugs/Elmer “Hunter Trilogy”, “Duck Amuck”, and “One Froggy Evening”, so I demonstrably agree with three of the OP’s 5. “What’s Opera, Doc?” probably comes in sixth, but it’s not as good as those five, to my mind.
All of 'em Chuck Jones/Michael Malese/ Mel Blanc flicks.

Heck - I love 'em all. We have all four of the Golden Collection volumes so far and I watch 'em with my kids.

I agree with all the choices so far - Duck Amuck is the one we watch the most. We love **Bunker Hill Bunny **(Chaarrrrrrrrge! Retreat!).

I happen to have a real soft spot for **Three Little Bops **- it has a clear later-drawn feel, and Stan Frieberg instead of Mel Blanc, but I love the song and all the jump blues music the little pigs play…

<1> Baseball Bugs - “One! Two! Three strikes you’re out! One! Two! Three strikes you’re out!”
<2> Bully for Bugs - “What a gulli-bull. What a nin-com…poop!”
<3> Bunny Hugged - “Thaaaaaaaaa Crusher!!”
<4> Bushy Hare - “Unga Bunga Bunga Inga Binga Banga…Bunnnnnga. What’d I say? What’d I say?”
<5> Hare-Raising Hare - Peter Lorre as the mad scientist, the orange monster…

I have to add 5(a) – Beanstalk Bunny (“It’s a lie!! My name is…Aloysius!!”), and 5(b) A Bear for Punishment…just for the shot of Mama Bear pulling the sheet over the Father’s Day cake.

Thanks to YouTube, you can watch (from my list) Perfumance (my favorite Pepe Le Pew and a wonderful filmmaking spoof), Kitty (in French), and Bully (my favorite Bugs short)–all Chuck Jones films.

Buccanner (my favorite Yosemite Sam) is Friz Freleng and Piggy Bank (an amazing noir send-up with Daffy) is Bob Clampett.

Actually, it’s "nin-COW-poop. :slight_smile:

Of course you realize… :slight_smile:

Ouch, I forgot this one. I think this would be in my top 5 over Duck Amuck.

Here it is on You Tube: Hair-Raising Hare


Too many to choose from, and most of the ones listed would probably make my list somewhere.
I have a soft spot for the one where Yosemite Sam wins a million dollars and then proceeds to
blow it by cursing too much. His faux politeness never fails to make me crack up, as
does his endless streams of pseudo-profanity.

I now conclude this is impossible. I thought of 8 more while watching that clip and the memories came flooding back.

For example, certainly the Scotland golf episode belongs in there. (My Bunny Lies Over the Sea). “So, McRrrrrrrory, poaching on my prrrrrrrroperty! I’m displeased, McRrrrrrrrrrory! You shouldna shoot my rrrrrrrrrabbits!”

And the one where he and Yosemite Sam climb the Smatterhorn, and the band plays that same song every time they come back down. (Can’t remember the name of this one).

Or the one where he pretends to be the conductor “Leopold.” (Long-Haired Hare). Tell me you can’t sing along right now to the “scales test” he gives that opera singer at the end.

Here are just a few of my favorites that come to mind.

“Hair-Raising Hare”

“Falling Hare”

“Hare Remover” (With Bugs’ great aside, “I think Spencer Tracy did it much better, don’t you, folks?”)

“Rabbit of Seville” (better than “What’s Opera, Doc?” because it follows the music more closely, making it tighter and better-paced)

I love all the strips mentioned above. I want to add a strip, but I cant remember the name.

It featured Bugs Bunny somehow winding up on stage during a magician’s act. The magician tried to kill Bugs for interfering with his tricks. One famous part was the sword skewering: (ooh! aaah! eewww oooooooh!), but the most famous part was the following:

“Do you like blacksberry pie?”
“Well then HAVE SOME,” Bugs proceeds to throw pie into the poor schmucks face.
The name’s probably been mentioned already, but I hope somebody can help me out anyway :frowning:

Bugs Bunny - Case of the Missing Hare. available on You Tube.

Who could not love one of Tex Avery’s earliest masterpieces?

I Love To Singa