Top cars by US state

edit: the title should have read Top SELLING cars by state

This is both mundane and surprising.

Hint: the smartest states buy Hondas. :wink:

edit: the title should have read Top SELLING cars by state

California, buys Honda, crumbling public educational system.

Subaru isn’t big enough to ever sell the top number of cars, but it is amazing traveling between a place that gets snow and one that doesn’t. Noticeably more common in the former.

WTF, Oklahoma?

Seems like a silly article/map to me. Of course Ford trucks are going to be big sellers in agricultural areas. It’s surprisingly hard to haul hay in a Prius.

I thought the State Car of Vermont was the Subaru Legacy Wagon, but that page shows the Toyota Tacoma pickup.

I don’t undstand why so many people buy big pick up trucks. I’m in Indiana, and while we have a lot of farmers and construction people and such, there’s no way all of those people need those giant trucks. There’re loud and inefficient and hard to see around in traffic.

To say nothing of the people who buy one, then get a liner in the back, and then won’t use the bed because they don’t want to scratch their fancy liner. Or worse, the people who get a locking lid, thereby defeating the purpose of having an open bed for transport of things that are more than 20 inches tall.

It just seems like dick supplementation to me.

Here we go with that again.

Also trucks aren’t loud from the factory. They’re not hard to see around if you drive 3 out of the top 5 best selling vehicles in the country, which happen to be trucks.

I generally associate long, red, throbbing sports cars with dick supplementation, not trucks but I guess there could be some sublimation going on there if you buy into the notion of a desire for strength and power always being related to a feeling of penile inadequacy.

IDK. I feel more or less adequate and have a Honda Civic Si, but I’ve always wanted a M1A1 tank, so what does that say about me? Actually I probably don’t want to know - do I?

When I went to Park City, UT, in the '90s, I thought Subaru was the offical state car. (It was the official car of the U.S. Ski Team, which is in Park City.)

Up here in the PNW there are so many Subarus that I no longer want one.

Toyota Camry in Florida. Colour me shocked.

I’d have bet money it would be Subaru in VT.

I would have bet on Subaru for Vermont too. I wasn’t at all surprised to see the Accord/Camry dominating the whole Mid-Atlantic coastal region.

But what’s with Oklahoma?

Hey, there’s quite a bit of farming in Vermont. (And they may be buying their Subarus in NY.)

As for Oklahoma, I’ve no idea. Only time I was there the car mix in the street did not look much different from other midwest/plains cities.