Top Chef - 11/1

WTF - No thread for 11/1 yet?

Go Betty!!!

Emily fought hard for ass of the night, and won!

If you are serving ice cream be sure and do the following:

Talk about hating kids
Comment about the size of the ass on the people eating your ice cream
But the winner was serving a dish so salty it couldn’t be eaten - WTF? Where did they find these “chefs”?
As for the rest…

As I suspected, Marcel is firmly lodged in the Stephen role.

Michael is positioning himself to be the next knife packer.

OMG, I missed the beginning. Who did that?


I am so enjoying this show - and I normally do NOT like the “competitive reality” shows. Huge caveat about TC (and probably all other “reality” shows): the editing on them is done with much calculating to obtain the desired reaction in viewers, so be aware of that while still enjoying the show.

I thought it was a bit unfair (LOL) to have the judges in the quickfire challenge be kids - who were the consumers of the ice cream - but hey, they -were- the tasters, so they determined which person won and got the pass from elimination for the night. The chefs were told to be “innovative,” and many of them were - avocado and bacon ice cream though?! Um… not so much, apparently! The winner of the quickfire was Cliff, whose ice cream had crushed oreo cookies in it - naturally quite a big hit with kids. Emily’s ice cream was chocolate/lavender, which one woman told her wasn’t sweet enough, to which Emily comments, “Yeah with your fat ass and four teeth, you really need more sugar!” (the comment was one of the “asides,” NOT said directly to the person, btw!). Yikes Emily! The pastry chef Marissa’s ice cream scored in the bottom three (I can’t recall what the flavor was), and this was the second or third dessert-specific challenge that she missed on.

The elimination challenge was to re-create a beloved dish from childhood, with an updated twist, for TGIFriday’s restaurant. The winning entree was/is supposed to be added to TGIFriday’s menu. Now there were still 13 cheftestants this week; most of them did a “middling” job, but there were three standouts and three whose work was dubbed below par. Betty won the night with grilled cheese/portobello mushrooms with a roasted red pepper soup (update of grilled cheese and tomato soup), but imho showed a bit of her ass by getting into it with Marcel. I just didn’t think her attack on him was justified, although viewers who texted into the show did. LOL The three loser dishes were Frank, who made some strange conceptual dish that was just too weird; Michael, who made a steak sandwich which the judges said was too chewy and wasn’t well presented, and Emily, whose surf and turf dish was too salty! Padma only took one bite - it was inedible. So Miss Emily had to go, even though Michael looked like he was drunk when he came to the judges table; inedible trumps messy and chewy.

Last week we had “Lycheegate” - looks like there might be “cheating” on next week’s show as well, judging from the previews. Hope this isn’t turning into a season-long trend, though. Once, maybe twice is okay, but geeze it’ll really looked staged if they do it again.

First season was really good, but I’m having a real hard time getting into this season. I found the first season’s cast more likeable…I don’t really feel that way about anyone on the show now, though. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it feels like there’s been a real big dropoff. Anyone else feel this way?

I feel like this a little, but I attribute that to the fact that we remember the first chefs after getting to know them throughout the season. There also seemed to be more chefs to begin with this season so the first few shows have been chaotic. As the competition continues, there will be fewer and fewer contestants so you might get a chance to get know a little bit more about them to make them more interesting (the guy that won last year was likeable, but not very interesting). I like that curly headed drunk guy who spent his last 8 bucks on beer rather than cheese for his dish- now that is interesting.

What did y’all think of Padma’s shorts- all 5 inches of them? Man, is she ever an improvement over the Billyjoelwife 2000 robot.

Wonder if someone gets caught sabotaging another chef’s food? If so, could that explain also Emily’s salt problem?

Does anyone remember if they were they advised prior to making the ice cream that it would be served to children?

I think they mentioned where they would be going but not that a there would be a lot of kids present (there were some adults as well).

Hmm. Well at any rate even I was annoyed by Michael this week. Dude’s some sort of drunk. But I agree that sloppy trumps inedible, so Emily had to go. And I don’t trust Betty. I think some very judicious editing is helping to conceal the fact that she’s Little Miss Sunshine of Betrayal and Death.


I the previews a couple of weeks ago there was a short clip of her sobbing and asking for the rules in writing - that scene was not in the following week’s episode nor any of the others - yet to come???

It was ice cream. They were told to prepare it for the every day person who doesn’t dine on fine cuisine. Tom specifically started out the challenge’s introduction with a statistic on what % of the population doesn’t do upscale dining. Regardless of whether they specifically said there would be children, I think it’s pretty clear that avocado and bacon ice cream wouldn’t go over well given the parameters.

And this happened last season as well but…why the hell do so many chefs protest that they’re completely lost outside an upscale restaurant cooking? Why do they have to list how many 4 star restaurants they’ve worked at and dined in? Are they really saying they’ve never been to a TGI Fridays or Chili’s or Applebee’s? Have they never cooked a quick simple meal for themselves? Because they’re lying.

Yeah see, that’s what I was thinking. What kind of a moron does that? When I add up all the evidence, I’m forced to conclude that Marcel may be mentally retarded. The hair, the lack of social grace…and now he wants to make avocado and bacon ice cream, you know, for kids. He looks like he might be a smart foodgeek but now I think he’s the dumbest one there.

I remember seeing this as well - yet to come for sure.

Amen. When these folks profess total ignorance of something common but simple, and especially when they wrinkle their nose in disgust, I lose any respect for them as chefs.

I’m amazed at what some chefs can do, even some of the contestants here, but what kind of piss ant jerk looks down on simple, good food? Either they’re lying just to put on airs about how sophisticated they are, or they’re a poor excuse for a chef. What do they cook at home? If their 12-year-old asks for lunch, do they make him wait three hours while they whip up a vegetable terrine and a cold confit of duck with arugula heaped on the plate just so? Or could they make a simple but really good chicken sandwich?

I think that separates a lot of true chefs from chef wannabees who think it’s all about dazzling the diner with something unique and complex. Sometimes that’s appropriate, and sometimes not. Sometimes I just want something simple done right, and some of these folks seem to think that’s beneath them.