Top Chef - 3/26 (Open Spoilers)

Farewell Eric. Your departure comes as no surprise. Go back to your Executive Chef corn dog frying job…

As for the block party elimination challenge, I’m a little torn about the menu offered by the winning team. I mean in seasons past the Chefs were admonished for not making the menu fit the “customer” which in this case 2/3 of which were kids. Ideally you would be able to offer a menu selection that everyone would be able to find something they liked. I think the red team had the right idea, but didn’t plan or execute as well as they could have.

What else could they have done with the corn dogs to keep them from getting soggy? Or, if not corn dogs, what else could they have utilized the hot dogs for?

I agree that Eric needed to get booted. He was on the bottom on quickfire and elimination. I really liked him. So I am sad to see that he is gone.
Andrew is a complete spaz. He is a wild card. He does well, but you can tell he is a little twitchy

Mark was in the middle, no harm no foul.

Stephanie, 2 wins out of three? Very impressive.

Eric also deserved to get booted for saying that Mexican food and fine dining don’t go together at all.

Hear!!! Hear!!!

When he said that my fiancee and I were both just aghast. Mexico isn’t just our southern border, there’s an entire country full of amazingly diverse regional cuisines. Sure, tacos are traditionally street food…border food…

As a Chicagoan watching this season’s Top Chef, I was really excited to see some of the local heavyweight chefs show up as guest judges, and Rick Bayless was at the top of my list of people I wanted to see. I’ve eaten at Frontera Grill a few times and it’s just amazing.

I’ve had Frontera’s tacos, and let me tell you - there’s nothing “street food” about them.

I see that next week’s guest judge is another Chicago guy…perhaps THE Chicago guy… Charlie Trotter.

I hate to state the obvious, but how 'bout hot dogs?

I thought that as well - after all they are in Chicago, but I think I remember a comment being made regarding the quality of the dogs they were able to get. If that was the case, I would have probably passed on them in the first place.

Interesting, after last week’s send home for making Blinis too early and getting soggy, we had a send home for Corn dogs made too early that got too soggy.

Usually it’s desert that sends people home, but it looks like batter-based foods is joining desert in the foods of doom category. And woe to any contestant who tries a batter-based desert :wink:

Yeah, his arrogance at the reaction his dish he prepared (“I didn’t do what the challenge specifically asked me to do. Screw them!”) turned me off him immediately. Farewell, tool.

I never thought I’d live to see the day when a Top Chef contestant would be criticized for improper use of Velveeta.

Of course, I never thought I’d live to see the day where they’d have to use Velveeta, either.

I thought the Smores lollipops were a great idea – creative and tasty and assembled on spot with minimal fuss.

Rick Bayless is a god. I wish I could eat at Frontera and/or Topolobampo every day.

On the hot dog thing, I seem to remember a clip where Spike (I think) suggested making toppings for the hot dogs, but I suppose that fell by the wayside. Or did I hallucinate that?

No hallucinating - they had some sort of mish-mash of toppings and dips. It looked more like a neighborhood-wide fridge-cleaning than anything else. all laid out in Happy Ware.

Spike’s attitude is really annoying. Between insulting the neighborhood and his remark about how it would take two security guards to drag him out, he needs to disappear. Fortunately, Chicago’s a good place for finding ways to make people “disappear.”

Strangely, I’d seen a rumor that Erik won this round of Top Chef. Looking at his dog’s dinner platings, I see that was a very strange idea.

Also amusing is some neighborhood surveillance on the house they’re living in. They evidently crammed the entire show’s 12 or so weeks into two weeks and made a mess of the house in the process.

Completely forgot to say that they might have used panko instead of plain bread crumbs. But even that probably wouldn’t be enough to keep them crisp for two hours.

Otherwise, they could have diced up the dogs and simmered them in bbq sauce, then serving them up on picks with pineapple chunks for a Polynesian-esque appetizer would be a durable option.

Please don’t post spoilers like that. There are spoiler tags for a reason.

It was Andrew who said the thing about the security guards. Andrew. Spike (who’s usually sporting a hat).

That link to the surveillance on the house also includes a couple of spoilers. So anyone who wants to read it, beware.

How the hell is this a spoiler? He got sent home! Don’t abuse the spoiler tags. It’s annoying and unnecessary.

Read the post above yours.

Cafe Society has some pretty well accepted conventions, and one of them is to avoid spoilers, especially in regards to eventual winners. This has been worked out by consensus, without the need for moderators to get involved. I’d like to see it kept that way.

Everyone knows that they can google for spoiler info if they want it. No need to post it here.

er… the OP starts with “Farewell, Eric” gotpasswords didn’t say anything that hadn’t been said already.

And as for spoiler tags and well accepted conventions, I figured out long ago not to open any thread that I don’t want to see spoilers about. Not everyone knows how to use spoiler tags or remembers to use 'em all the time.

Whatever. Didn’t mean to hijack this.

I thought this was one of the lamest episodes of a really good series. I agree with the judges that neither team did anything memorable. They showed more creativity and skill when they had to make something using only what they could scrounge from vending machines in an earlier show.

Because this show is judged, a contestant can build goodwill with the judges by nailing a dish and being creative. It seemed like both teams decided that they’d just try to not be the worst. Pasta Salad? Corn Dogs? Mac and Cheese? Sliders?

I wish Anthony Bourdain was one of the judges for last night’s show. He’d have gotten in some good shots.

I didn’t click the link to the house surveillance clip and assumed that is where possible season spoilers were lurking that Mama Tiger alerted to.

As for openly discussing what happened in this week’s episode that has already been aired, I didn’t really see that as a spoiler. It kind of follows what seems to be the established practice for these threads.