Top Chef Canada

Anybody watching? Any interest in a catchall thread? I see this being smaller than the NHL thread, or even the CFL thread but what the hay?

I enjoyed it. I’ve never watched any of the US Top Chef shows, Chopped, or Gordon Ramsay’s efforts, but I am familiar with Top Design and So You Think You Can Dance thanks to the other 75% of the viewing audience in my house (that would be wife and two daughters).

I liked this in today’s paper:

Seal flipper, lobster, pork, lamb, salmon, perogies, oh my! What’s missing? Where’s the beef?! Especially from Charcut’s Connie DeSousa (yay Calgary!), who opened some of the guy’s eyes and kicked some butt in the quickfire challenge.

This looks like it might be fun. Anybody else?

I’m obsessed enough with Top Chef to watch just about any version of it. It’s available on youtube for those who are interested

But I thought it was a great 1st challenge, to let them show their own food. No excuses for messing up.

So there’s two of us watching. Woo hoo!

Thought the first one was a snoooooooozer. Second one a bit better.