Top of the world.

Why do we place the north pole at the top?

So Santa won’t fall off the planet!

Dang it, PapaBear!

Why? Well, what else are you gonna do with it?

Actually, that’s a good question. One that I don’t have an answer for.

But I remember studying several old maps (1400’s or so), and East was at the top on almost half of 'em.

Was someone put in charge of The Dept of Map Uniformity at some point?

I heard once that the reason that north is up, is that the majority of early civilizations were in the northern hemisphere. Sounds reasonable to me.

Carpe hoc!

Aha! I thought Cecil had covered this. Check this out…

Thanks, MrKnowItAll. I guess I didn’t use the right key words when I searched.
I think I’ll turn my globe south pole up, just for kicks.

'Sides, magnetic north is that way, so we might as well put it up on top. When there’s a magnetic south, they can be on top.

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Control yourself, mg, there may be children reading this.