Top Picks For Online (Rock) Concert Videos

Kindly post links to awesome (rock) concert videos.

I’ll start the ball rolling with:

The Offspring, 2017 full concert: The Offspring - 4/13/17 at the Cornerstone in Berkeley - YouTube

The Who @ Tanglewood 1970

Guns N Roses Tokyo 1992

My Morning Jacket: Okonokos

Green Day - recent full concert: Green Day Live Full Concert 9-13-17 - YouTube

I would have gone with Live at the Ritz. Original lineup, everything’s from Appetite for Destruction, and there’s even a weird Axl freak out at the end during “Rocket Queen” where he disappears off stage for no apparent reason.

The Wall Live in Berlin 1990 with Roger Waters and special guest is an awesome concert.

Cliched as can be, but seeing the audience and band so enjoying themselves always puts me in a great mood: Queen at Live Aid

The White Stripes - Under Blackpool Lights

(It’s a playlist rather than a single video, but it works pretty seamlessly)

Not rock per se, but a cracking performance (that put the Stones to shame that night): James Brown on the T.A.M.I. Show

I forget the name of it right now (and am not gonna look it up as I’m watching the Nats) but there’s a wonderful Leon Russell show from the early 70s with the Delaney and Bonnie/Derek and the Dominoes crew.

I came across this today, as I had internet to waste…

Drive-By Truckers doing their whole new album, live on Oregon Public Radio, and the audio seems very good from what I’ve been able to listen to so far…


Oh yeah, that was a great one as well. I like a lot of the Illusion songs, so the Tokyo concerts are great.

Going to see them in DC next week!

Metallica in Moscow 1991 - Tushino Air Field over 1.5 million in attendance.

From her jazz phase, Joni Mitchell backed by the Pat Methany group with Jaco Pastorius and Michael Brecker.

No shit! My friend ended up with an extra ticket for that show and gave it to me. I’ll see you there! :cool:

That’s one my favorites, too.

I was watching Rennaissance at the Capitol Theater '76 and found there is a whole boatload of Capitol Theater concert videos from the '70s and '80s. The Capitol Theater is a mid-size hall in NJ that every big name band at the time passed through at some point. Kudos to whoever it was that opened up this vault.

Cool! I’m taking my son, his first real concert. He’s been playing in School of Rock concerts for 3 years, I’m not sure he’s prepared for how loud a real concert is :slight_smile:

Thee Oh Sees in Paris, 2015. I liked this band from the moment I first heard them, but this video made me fall in love with them.

NOMEANSNO in The Netherlands in 1990. Recordings of this show were my introduction to this band, and they became lifelong heroes. The only way you get a band tighter than one backed by the Wright brothers is to institute some sort of James Brown regime. Damn, NOMEANSNO were great. That version of “Metronome” is the version, for me.

BOB LOG III!!!, umm, Liege, Belgium. It doesn’t matter where, every Bob Log III show rules. Whatever you were going to go do this week, check and see if Bob Log III is playing nearby. If he is, go. If you have water and gasoline in your area, there’s a pretty good chance you’re gonna have a BLIII show nearby in the future. He plays all the time - “I’m a professional, God damn it. I live in a car.” If you had a show like that, why wouldn’t you want to play 365? We love you Bob Log!

One of my favorites and probably means more to Aussies than others- Rocktober 2SM Concert of the Decade (1979?) on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. Stevie Wright (ex Easybeats) blows the audience away with "Evie Parts 1, 2 and 3). RIP Stevie.