Top Priorities

I believe there needs to be one aspect of this virus that doesn’t care about outcomes it just studies numbers. Currently the world does not have any idea what we are really dealing with. We simply have no idea how many are infected with this virus and have no symptoms. This would be the most important factor in making decisions on how to deal with it. Large numbers of a symptomatic or mildly symptomatic carriers could significantly reduce the mortality and risk rate. I think we need massive testing done on random populations, devote an entire team to just this.

If someone has recovered from the virus will this be detectable?

Who is going to make and distribute all these tests? There is a dire shortage of them already.

Devote an entire agency to it.

Plus, the current tests identify active infections. We need lots of those, but also we need serologic tests to identify people with an immune response to Covid-19, i.e., people who were exposed and recovered. Those are just starting to roll out in East Asia.