Topeka, Kansas...any food/sights/things to NOT miss?

Hi all.

Spending the next few days in Topeka, Kansas. Any particular sights or things to do that we shouldnt miss? Like some one of kind museum or science or aviation related place? The world’s largest hamster farm perhaps? Stuff like that.

Also, we do like a good well aged steak…any recommendations on where to go for that? We like Mexican food too. Keep in mind that we are neither impressed with massive quanties of food (for the sake of being massive) or really expensive food/fancy atmosphere type places. Or stuff like giant cheap mixed drinks. Or maybe some unique to area food/food combination that you can’t find elsewhere (or at least not in the deep south).

Any decent paddling/canoeing/canoe liveries within an 1.5 hour drive or less away? With perhaps some minor whitewater?

Or heck, just whatever you think someone who hasnt been here and likely never will be again needs to see?

And boy does Topeka likes its fireworks. Geez I never seen so many firework tents in my life.

thanks for any input!

A google search for Topeka KS sights turns up an interstate highway among the top results - you won’t want to miss that!

The capitol building is worth a stop, just to see the John Steuart Curry murals.

You mentioned aviation-related things. There is the Combat Air Museum at Forbes Field (south side of town).

You could get your picture taken in front of the Westboro Baptist Church. Maybe with a picket sign!

Where are you staying?

I’m in Topeka, Kansas, it’s my home. If you see this post, PM me. I could show you some places.

Hey, what about driving by the Phelps WBC compound and thumbing our noses?

ETA, someone already suggested the Phelps, but it still would be cool.

I honestly thing our library is extraordinary.

If you like stained glass there’s the Tiffany windows at First Presbyterian church.

Just bumping this once so if the OP comes in they’ll see it.

Contact me, it would be like a two person Dopefest.

PS, if you like chocolate don’t miss Hazel Hill’s. It’s in the downtown area, and it’s fantastic.

Gahhh, I forgot those WBC jerks (I am being way to kind with that word) were here. It IS tempting to swing by and give em the finger.

Thanks for those suggestions Baker. And I got your email as well. Probably won’t have a Dopefest as I need to maintain my air of “international man of mystery”. Actually its to maintain plausible deniability should any incidents of a questionable nature occur that might be linked back to me :slight_smile:

We swung by the Rochester cemetary yesterday. I not really a fan of those places per se, but I was struck by just how very pretty and well maintained it was. There was even a nice memorial (and gravestones) for civil war soldiers (which brought a tear or two to my eye). Then we went to another cemetary and got stuck for 1600 dollars to put some ashes in the ground (I hereby give my heirs permission to just dump me in a cropduster and be done with it).

Anyhow, thanks again for the input guys and gals !

Not even a cup of coffee?

I’ll have a cup of coffee with you Baker. :slight_smile:

Secoonding the **Tiffany windows **in the Presbyterian church. It’s a block from the capitol (which is worth a visit, too, for interior mural art, though I believe the best one, of John Brown, is under wraps at the moment.)

Also, has anyone mentioned Bobo’s? It’s a classic little burger-and-shakes joint that’s been there since around 1940 or something – good food. It’s about a mile south of the capitol, IIRC.

Actually, Bobo’s is about a mile west of the capital, on 10th and MacVicar. I actually prefer Bradley’s Corner Cafe, in north Topeka, at 844 N. Kansas Avenue. The have the best breakfast in town, most of it home made, and their pies are home made too. Try the mushroom-swiss burger, it’s to die for.

Say, if there’s this many folks who know Topeka, what about a DopeFest sometime?

Topeka is my home, and I love it. No place is perfect, but “there’s no place like home!” Ack, I can’t believe I quoted that movie.

Oh, a Greek joint, eh?

(awkward) I thought Greek restaurants, run by Greeks but serving a vast array of American dishes, from breakfast to dinner, plus a little dolma, saganaki, and baklava, were common across the US. A mushroom-Swiss burger is part of the standard menu, though you may miss it because the menu is eight pages long.

ETA: My father, nothing like a Greek and who refused to eat garlic because he claimed to be allergic to it, would only eat at Greek joints. I later realize that if you didn’t tell him garlic was in the dish he didn’t notice.

Keep me on your shortlist, but let’s make it next year! (Looming deadlines + helping take care of Lil’ Map = I shouldn’t even be Doping on the message board, let alone IRL)

I’d be up for that. I don’t live in Topeka but close enough that I could drive up. I’ve missed the last couple of KC area DopeFests because I was out of town on vacation. :frowning:

OK, if we want to start planning long-term, for 2012(before the end of the world, don’t you know), then how about saying it would be either Memorial Day weekend, or the weekend BEFORE that?

One advantage, it wouldn’t be so hot yet.

I could house maybe four attendees, depending on how friendly they are. I have a twin bed I could give up, a couch(not real long) and a recliner. I could sleep on the floor, in a sleeping bag. My tenants on the first floor of the house(I live upstairs) are former Dopers, and may be interested as well. If I don’t have enough space we can work something out.

I have a fenced back yard, and a place to cook out, but there’s a better place to cook at a local park. I could show folks around town, or we could just hang out, or whatever.

I’ll bookmark this thread, and in about six months I’ll start another one, with a link to this one.

We might even get to see Westboro Baptist church picketers in their native habitat, at 10th and Gage, 17th and Gage, or across from my church, at 8th and Polk. If any attendees are church goers(I am) I can point you in the right direction. We also have a synagogue(Reformed) and an Islamic Center.

Baker, you have left me feeling slighted.

I offered a chance meeting for a coffee (or better yet, a beer!) to a fellow Doper who lives minutes away.

I shall cry myself to sleep tonight.

Beer is good, I like Guinness. Do you know the Celtic Fox, on Eighth St? Are you right in town here? Check your messages.

Check your messages again, MED

Please, check your messages, and tell us that you two got a beer together.
Or three, if Billfish dropped in too.

Yeah we met each other. The Celtic Fox was closed so we just had lunch at a local diner downtown. So no beer (sigh), but there’s always a next time.