Topic for informative speech?

I am a college student and have to do an informative speech for my…um…speech class. I want a really interesting topic. Can anyone help me brainstorm about it. I figured there is no better place than straight dope for interesting topics. The speech need only be five to seven minutes. Anything is welcome.

How about:

Phlogiston Theory, an accurate explanation of combustion.


Finding people willing to do your homework is hard and SDMB is not an exception.

Find something you know something about. Do a bit more research on it. Understand any pro/contra arguments pertaining to it. Write a speech informing and discussing the subject. Give the speech.


What about “Why I am not a [insert some worthy demographic here]”

Or “Bringing Intelligence To America” (sorry Justhink)

Will you be expected to field questions afterwards?

This doesn’t have a factual answer, so it doesn’t really belong in GQ. Off to MPSIMS.

Just take topics from the SDMB:

Why we should move all Israelis to Canada.

Doctors: are they really moonlighting in the porn industry?

How to intimidate a woman on the bus in 12 easy meltdown steps.

SUVs: the tool of the Devil.

Conclusive proof that God must exist (and this time I mean it!).

and A sociological study: males and circumcision.
Or you could go all meta on them and give a speech entitled “How to give an informative speech.”

Over all, informative speeches are more interesting (and easier to give) the more hands-on and pratcial they are–I had great luck with “How to Brew beer”–brought props and everything. Other possibilites:

How to make bithcin’ cookies (props again)
How to change the oil on a [car type] (goor props, too)
How to crochet an afgan
How to plan a trip

You get the idea: find something practical and tangible that you can do and teach the class how to do it.