Topics for Sports Debates / Discussions

My brothers and two of my cousins are coming over for Boxing Day and we usually wind up in in-depth sports discussions or debates.

Usually I’m the one who comes up with a topic to get the ball rolling but I can’t think of anything we haven’t recently gone over having exhausted a number of topics on Thanksgiving.

We go for more than the standard “How 'bout them Local Team” or “Who’s your Super Bowl Pick?”

Thus far I’m going to ask for the NFL All-Decade team but I turn to the Dopers to prime the pump for other discussion fodder.

Ask if the Wings can make the playoffs with all their injuries and if they are to be feared when the playoffs come.
Farve’s war with the coach is good for some discussion. Is he starting to hurt them?

Gonzo - doubt if a bunch of Maryland will care about the Wings

Minklo - what part of Glen Burnie? I’m originally from that area, north part up near Linthicum.

Sports topics:

Should Colts go for perfection
How deep can Saints and Vikes go in playoffs, since they’ve shown some weakness
Instant replay in baseball
NCAA Playoff - not just should but how
O’s rebuilding. Millwood good or bad?
Should college athletes get paid
Best 12th team for Big Ten

Well thanks for the ideas.

**gonzo, FtT **is right though I can’t speak for all of Maryland. Balmer and surrounding areas aren’t big into the NHL though you can find fans here and there.

FtT, you must be a Terp alum just like me. In Glen Burnie, we’re in the lower west side (not that anyone calls it that) near the hospital. What was once North County and now rechristened the Baltimore-Washington Medical Center.

He said Boxing day. that is a Canadian holiday.

How about whats going to happen to that latvian coach when he gets back home, not to mention the players. Seriously I thought that competitions like that had some sort of consession rule that would effectively make sure that there was no 16-0 blow outs.